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ABACUS enables organizations to analyze business scenarios, model people, processes and technology, build roadmaps and align IT and business strategies. 

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Enterprise Architecture with ABACUS

Deliver Business-Outcome Driven Enterprise Architecture

Cloud-based collaboration, supporting remote working and digital strategy

  Guide change using Business and Technology Roadmaps
ABACUS  Motivate Decision-Makers with a clear route to Cost-Savings & Growth
ABACUS  Leader in Gartner MQ & Forrester Wave and Open Group certified

Experience Next-Generation Digital Business Analytics & Modeling

Build enterprise architecture roadmaps to navigate IT and business change

Digital Business Analytics and Modeling

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ABACUS Adapts To Your EA Practice…

Centralize data in a single repository with our integrations and API.

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Digital Business Collaboration with ABACUS

…And Your Business

Save time by automating tasks incl. calculations, modeling, reporting and streamlining workflows.

  • Collaborate on a central model across multiple locations and time-zones. Co-author business critical information with users across the organization – direct in their browser.
  • Drill-down into interactive browser-based dashboards to find the data which matters most.
  • Embed and connect in MS Teams for quick and easy access.
  • Compare current, future, and scenario-based architectures and reveal paths to guide the business forward.
  • Deploy ABACUS on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment

Supporting Over 100 Leading EA Frameworks:

Use or customize an enterprise architecture framework which best suits your business from 100+ provided as standard in ABACUS (incl. TOGAF and Archimate)

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - TOGAF
TOGAF to guide your enterprise architecture development.
Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - ArchiMate
ArchiMate to extend your modeling across business domains.
Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - BPMN
BPMN for detailed workflows and analysis.
ITIL to align IT services with the needs of your business.
Custom ABACUS Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
Bespoke and best of breed frameworks tailored to your business.

Build Trust in Your Vision and Strategies

Communicate in a variety of business and technology languages. Out-of-the-box ABACUS supports:


How to Build Roadmaps for Enterprise, Government and IT Resilience

Enterprise architects and strategy leaders need to be on the front foot to help their organisation manage disruption caused by external shocks and crises, such as pandemics.

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Roadmapping for Resilience dashboard


Data Maintenance, the Smart Way.

Architects shouldn’t need to act as data stewards, but they do need to make sure data is maintained. Data management has become essential for confident decision-making.

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How to Manage Application Rationalization & Transformation Strategy

The average global company can save between 20% and 30% of its IT budget by retiring redundant applications. For enterprise architects looking for quick wins, application rationalization (APM) is an excellent place to focus efforts.

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Application Rationalization and Transformation


Data Discovery & Business Process Modeling

Easily design, develop, and extend business processes, customer journeys, value chains, organizational structures, strategic roadmaps, and capability maps using business analysis modeling and notation standards.

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Business Process and Capability Diagram in Teams


A Tool to Manage Technology Risk & Compliance

Enterprise architects, risk managers and chief information security officers (CSOs/CISOs) monitor the processes, applications, and infrastructure which supports business goals, and manage risks and security standards.

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ABACUS Risk and Security Dashboard


Data Control, Privacy, and Security for Architects

Global CIOs and their teams need to think holistically about data governance. Building trust and demonstrating compliance with local and international laws and regulations is becoming a key part of strong enterprise architecture.

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ABACUS Data Compliance Dashboard

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ABACUS supports over 3000 organizations across all major industry segments incl. FinanceGovernment, and Healthcare. View our full range of Customer Case Studies here.

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