Enterprise Architecture

Insight and Guidance From Data

Enterprise architecture is key to managing a company’s IT strategy and business strategy efficiently and effectively. Enterprise architects are skilled at modeling and analyzing systems, including people, information, processes and technology. They provide advice on digital infrastructure, digital transformation and guide the business towards its goals.

Expert Enterprise Architecture

ABACUS allows enterprise architects to provide quick time-to-value, business-responsive advice.

With ABACUS, you can model business, application, data, and technology layers. Enterprise architects can choose from over 100 industry standard modeling frameworks and notations, including TOGAFArchiMate, PEAF, etc., enabling accelerated production of artifacts, viewpoints and other key deliverables.

Chart roadmaps for IT and business systems and processes and navigate with confidence towards a desired business endpoint.

Using ABACUS, enterprise architects can model and compare multiple alternative architectures. You can assess scenarios using algorithms and trade-off analysis techniques (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc). This multiple architecture analysis capability is unique to the ABACUS tool set.

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Build an enterprise model that works

Understand with ABACUS Enterprise Architecture
ABACUS adapts to your data. Stay up-to-date using integrations with SharePoint, Excel, Visio, Google Sheets, Technopedia, ServiceNow and our REST API. Select from standard frameworks and adjust your metamodels as your business evolves.
Analyze with ABACUS Enterprise Architecture
Build detailed, defensible roadmaps and future state architectures to test scenarios. Use algorithms to calculate technical and business metrics including cost, risk and performance.
Communicate with ABACUS Enterprise Architecture
Present using rich, dynamic visualizations including charts, matrices, diagrams, timelines, lifecycles, treemaps and heatmaps. Assemble stakeholder dashboards; configure and automate reports and workflows.

ABACUS adapts to your EA practice


ABACUS Enterprise Architecture
ABACUS Enterprise Architecture

…and your business


  • Collaborate on a central model and manage merges across locations and time-zones.
  • Automate your tasks including calculations, modeling, and reporting with custom scripts, streamlining workflows.
  • Drill-down into data and architectures via browser-based dashboards and responsive visualizations. Embed these in MS Teams for easy access.
  • Deploy ABACUS on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment.
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