Quicker, Connected Data.

ABACUS supports architects with a very broad range of styles and approaches to get started quickly and achieve their business and technical goals.

Roundtrip data with Excel, Visio and CMDBs. Use adapters, integrations and API to create a single centralized repository. Import or map to company data from SharePoint and Google Sheets. Leverage technology data from ServiceNow and Flexera Technopedia to ensure models are accurate and up-to-date.

ABACUS Adapters and Integrations

Sync ABACUS with your Technical and Business Tools

Adapters, Integrations and Data Flows


ServiceNow Sync

  • Gain visibility of accurate up-to-date information within your models via self-service or automated-delivery ServiceNow data
  • Identify at a glance when IT assets are reaching end-of-life or becoming redundant
  • Leverage services, infrastructure and other items mastered in ServiceNow inside your ABACUS model
  • Map data from any ServiceNow fields to the attributes of any component in ABACUS through a simple GUI based dialog box and connect ServiceNow data with objects managed in ABACUS as well as other systems
  • Visualize existing end-to-end relationships across any ServiceNow data along with additional data captured in ABACUS
ABACUS Integrations: ServiceNow
ABACUS Integrations: SharePoint Sync

SharePoint Sync

  • Harvest data from SharePoint lists for your enterprise architecture repository
  • An excellent solution for ensuring your data remains current
  • Create new SharePoint lists directly from ABACUS data or map existing data to ABACUS components and connections
  • Model current state architectures and create roadmaps of future states. Roundtrip your data to present roadmaps via SharePoint
  • External data providers and members of your organization can contribute data while working within the familiar SharePoint interface
  • Read our guide: 4 Steps to Modeling and Roadmapping from SharePoint

Drive Digital Business Collaboration

Integrate with popular messaging, sharing, and communication platforms. ABACUS provides a readable and writeable REST API. This allows data from a huge range of common sources to be exchanged with ABACUS, via open standards.

Technopedia Sync

  • Access the Technopedia database of over 1,000,000 software and hardware technologies, including complete and current information on vendor, versioning, lifecycle and more
  • Automatically refresh details of applications and technologies managed in ABACUS with the most current information about these assets, sourced directly from their vendors
  • Quickly identify applications and technologies in your portfolio that are reaching their end of life dates (and at risk of becoming unsupported by vendors)
  • Streamline your IT asset management and your enterprise architecture strategy in ABACUS
ABACUS Integrations: Technopedia
ABACUS Integrations: Google Sheets

Google Sheets Sync

  • Gain direct access to Google Sheets stored on a Google Drive and import and export into ABACUS from these documents. No intermediate files or steps are required
  • Round-trip catalogs easily both to and from Google Sheets
  • Collect, analyze and present Google Sheets data to stakeholders who do not have ABACUS access
  • Either create new Google Sheets or overwrite existing Google Sheets

How ABACUS Adapters Can Enhance Your Architecture

ABACUS Adapters and Data Integrations allows users to easily round-trip data from popular data sources such as ExcelVisio and SharePoint as well as quickly and easily exchange data with Google SheetsServiceNow and Technopedia. These integrations ensure that data is up-to-date and synchronized without users having to manually update or re-enter data on multiple platforms. For both security and ease-of-use, ABACUS Adapters can be approved for only certain users who require these features.



Collaboration Integrations

  • Seamless access to architecture data and analytics via MS Teams, Confluence etc. and SSO. For additional security, ABACUS Cloud users can also enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Customize workspaces to embed team projects: with joint editing and live updates as content is changed
  • Stay up to date easily with chat integration and email notifications about edits
  • Permission-based dashboard workflows for quick data management, ideation and stakeholder oversight
ABACUS Integrations: Microsoft Teams

ABACUS REST API & Automation

  • Readable and writeable REST API
  • Save time and streamline workflows by automating tasks via the web service or directly through ABACUS
  • Work with any information that is stored in the ABACUS repository minimizing manual data refresh processes
  • Leverage third-party web services and open databases in any external systems or applications for enhanced data consistency
  • Query and filter data with simple-to-use standards giving you quick access to a wealth of information

Migrating to ABACUS

Many organizations have data stored in a legacy tool or that has been captured in third-party databases or platforms. Users of ABACUS can easily migrate pre-existing content from a variety of sources including CMDBs and other EA tools.

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