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Powerful Digital Business Collaboration. A shared repository accessible to the wider enterprise.

ABACUS supports collaboration across teams, departments and time-zones

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Collaborate On Enterprise Data

Teams can work together on a shared repository across locations and time zones. 

  • Users can view and update data in browser-based lists and dashboards
  • Multiple users can co-author catalogs with changes visible in real-time
  • Segment your data for different users with permissions. Administrators can set fine-grained, role-based Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) permissions at the object, view, attribute and architecture level including role generation, authorization and user provisioning
  • Permissions are defined at the role or group level, as opposed to the individual user level. While membership of the groups may change, the permissions can remain fixed
Collaborate on ABACUS dashboards
Enterprise Modeling in ABACUS

Collaborate on Diagrams and Reports

  • Connect your Visio, UML and BPMN diagrams and Excel data so it stays linked
  • Build and edit process diagrams, cloud architecture diagrams, information architectures, network architectures etc
  • Model business capabilities and value streams
  • Embed diagrams and dashboards in MS Teams or other workplace social software for easy access
  • Create diagrams automatically from structured data
  • Present in dashboards or export to image formats for reporting

Visual Filtering For Quick Impact Analysis

Zero in on subsets of operating processes, capabilities and applications.

  • Filter according to properties such as cost and risk or provide an instant view of second order effects across all views and diagrams
  • Highlight high-risk applications and then check in on key business process and business capability diagrams to understand dependencies
  • Filter according to processes which are being redesigned, or applications which are located in a particular country 
  • Send URLs to these filtered dashboards to to start a conversation with stakeholders. Embed filtered dashboards in MS Teams etc.
Enhance Digital Business Collaboration and digital portfolio management by Sharing filtered Enterprise Architecture dashboard in MS Teams

Chat & Email Collaboration

Start conversations easily within ABACUS Enterprise browser-editable lists and dashboards.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders by initiating a conversation directly from a dashboard.
  • Use messaging or email to open a conversation with an application manager, process owner or other stakeholder.

ABACUS is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment. It is licensed and certified for the Open Group standards ArchiMate and TOGAF and supports the OMG standards BMM, BPMN and UML.


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Collaborative Data Management

Data Maintenance, the Smart Way. Architects shouldn’t need to act as data stewards, but they do need to make sure data is maintained.

ABACUS connects your organization’s data in a user-friendly environment, allowing stakeholders to take the driver’s seat. Accessed through personalised browser-based dashboards, users can easily access reports and update their data in real-time helping to improve data integrity and productivity.

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