How to
Build Cloud Architecture Diagrams

Use the ABACUS cloud architecture diagram tool and icons to connect your enterprise architecture and cloud architecture strategies.

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AWS Cloud Architecture Diagram Tool
Step One:

Architecture with AWS & Azure Icons

For architects who need a cloud architecture diagram tool for designing systems and solutions, ABACUS provides:
  • Online drawing and diagramming stencils with official AWS, Azure and GCP icon libraries
  • A graph-based repository for centralizing data
  • Full enterprise architecture modeling and roadmapping
  • Best-in-class enterprise analytics
AWS icons Cloud Architecture
AWS cloud architecture diagram enterprise architecture
Step Two:

Draw AWS Architecture Diagrams

In ABACUS, diagram functionality is native and fully integrated with your data repository. For busy architects this can save hours and days of time and effort:
  • Use a simple drag and drop stencil to map out cloud architecture diagrams
  • Link to process diagrams, network diagrams, application architectures, business capabilities, information architectures, etc.
  • Share objects and elements across diagrams, maintaining consistency
  • Unlike other cloud architecture visualization tools, ABACUS includes dedicated custom libraries of cloud icons (no further extensions or expenses required)

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Step Three:

Manage Cloud Architecture Diagrams & Enterprise Architecture

Designed for architects, and for collaboration
  • Import and connect your Visio, UML, BPMN or other diagrams
  • Wire them up to data integrated in your architecture repository
  • Updates to diagrams and data in your repository are inherited. Changes made to a component – such as application owners updating an application catalog – also dynamically reflect in the diagram, ensuring it remains up-to-date
  • Benefit from industry standards and templates including TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN, BIAN, NIST etc.
  • Teams can collaborate to manage cloud infrastructure, applications, security, operations and processes
Popular Architecture Frameworks

“The Whole Enterprise Can Have Visibility of Our Architecture”

cloud architecture diagram online
Step Four:

Communicate Cloud Architecture Design & Strategy

Easily share cloud architecture diagrams online

  • Link to diagrams from MS Teams or email a link to your diagram
  • Customise permission settings to share your diagrams only with those who are authorized to view or edit them
  • Switch between technical or business-friendly icons and styles when presenting to stakeholders.
Step Five:

Graph Database Flexibility & Analytics 

Use graph analytics to assess cloud architectures

  • Cloud architectures can be complex, requiring a capable diagramming platform
  • Build at speed with a tool that can scale to your requirements
  • Enjoy a configurable and customizable graph database repository
  • Use algorithms to assess current state and future state cloud architectures
  • Capture an unlimited number of properties to provide more detail about the IT and business relationships in your enterprise

Upgrade Your Cloud Architecture Diagrams & Roadmaps

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