Built for Enterprise Architecture. Open to everyone.

For whichever industry you do business in. ABACUS is …

  • The most open and adaptable digital transformation tool. Use ABACUS to democratize and collate information from a wide variety of sources. Benefit from a host of supported file formats and access advanced integrations.
  • Designed for quick wins, enabling everyone in the organization to analyze critical data through the use of standardized or bespoke frameworks and metamodels. Business analysts and leaders can use algorithms out-of-the-box or visually compose their own analytics. Calculate metrics tailored for your business, and test and analyze future scenarios.
  • Easy to use, for both architects and stakeholders. Access and discuss the links between people, processes, and infrastructure using context-rich visualizations, dashboards, and configurable reports. Create a dynamic software model for your organization – a “digital twin” –to understand how to transform your business.

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Support for your architecture practice

Modeling with ABACUS
Map out goals and objectives to position your enterprise architecture. Tailor the analytics you run and the deliverables your team produces. Set up automated reports to streamline reporting.
Enterprise Architecture Framework
Configure your architecture in a day: ABACUS provides architects with control over the frameworks and metamodels they use day-to-day. Customize and adjust these as your business evolves.
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Communicate with ABACUS
Set up dynamic models and roadmaps of your enterprise. Producing diagrams, charts and other visual methods is a three-click step process (or less) in ABACUS. Identify any gaps and missing information or opportunities.

Our training courses and certifications are suitable for professionals who require a globally recognized qualification in the Enterprise Architecture domain. Start with in-person training, and benefit from continued support as your practice evolves.

From getting started to best practices, in-depth solutions, and advanced enterprise architecture techniques. The ABACUS Community and Support portals provide access to detailed guides and video tutorials and advice from peers for self-service learning.

Backed by 24/7 global support, your team can get in touch via phone, email, online or in-person. Avolution employs practitioners skilled in enterprise, systems and solutions architecture. We pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate technical advice via our email and local help desks.

Evolving Your Enterprise

Get up to speed. At speed.

For organizations who need to get up and running quickly or are tasked with delivering solutions, new customer experiences, rationalizing systems or any other project at speed, Avolution can support your goals. Closely aligning training with practical business driven outcomes, our experts provide companies with the opportunity to learn and further develop their skills in ABACUS using their live data.

• Build and maintain your portfolios of information using ABACUS catalogs

• Create and layout content using ABACUS diagrams

• Perform standard queries and learn about in-depth analytics and algorithms

• Visualize, analyze and communicate your enterprise architecture, identifying opportunities, risks, and insights for stakeholders.

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