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Global Hosting & Global Support

ABACUS Cloud provides a purely browser-based experience. Our global offices allow 24 hour support spanning all time-zones, and 13 hosting locations are distributed across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Leading Enterprise Architecture Tool Collaboration


Agility & Innovation

Fully integrated diagramming, in your browser 

Build and edit diagrams, models, cloud & solution architectures. Enjoy digital whiteboarding and BPMN process modeling. Diagram updates automatically update your repository.

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Communicate to key stakeholders using customized dashboards.

Assemble dashboards for teams and stakeholders with relevant headlines, metrics, timelines, charts & diagrams

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Enterprise Architecture Roadmap Gantt Chart

Best Practice Modeling & Roadmapping 

Design business, application and technology layers and map-out current and future state architectures

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Enterprise Architecture Tool Dashboard

Model using EA standards including TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN, NIST

Select or combine the templates, frameworks and notations needed for your organisation. ABACUS is certified by the Open Group for TOGAF and ArchiMate.

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TOGAF and ABACUS Metamodel

Streamline data management with online collaboration & permissions 

Democratize access and data management. Set up browser-based dashboards, with customized diagrams and tables

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Enterprise Architecture Collaboration Dashboard Tables

Manage data from external sources

Leverage data from Google Sheets, Microsoft Sharepoint, Excel, ServiceNow, or via API, to ensure models stay up-to-date

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Enterprise Architecture Integration

Automate calculations, answer key questions, and spot risks and opportunities 

Track digital business metrics for your teams and reporting, with pre-built or no-code algorithms

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Enterprise Architecture Roadmap Dashboard with Cost Data

Work easily with small and large teams on a shared architecture repository

Segment data access with user roles and permissions, view audit trails. Plus, SSO and AD integration.


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Manage Consultancy Client Data Collaboration Smoothly

Enterprise Architecture SaaS Modeling Tool

ABACUS is ranked by analysts, architects, and IT strategists as a leading tool for modeling and analytics.

ABACUS Cloud users can access all of the tool’s features within the browser-based environment. Seamless, secure access is available with Single Sign-On, AD integration and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. The core principles for information security management, as defined by world-leading standards have been adapted to the requirements of ABACUS for a completely secure working environment.

Built for Enterprise Architects...
ABACUS Cloud has been designed so you can choose the methods and frameworks that work for your enterprise and deliver insights and value quickly. Enterprise Architects...
Developed by a worldwide team of Enterprise Architects, ABACUS allows you to take advantage of best-in-class modeling and roadmapping designed using over 25 years of industry usage. deliver
ABACUS Cloud allows you to focus on what matters the most. From modeling and developing responsive digital strategy, to analyzing, predicting, and communicating.

Cloud Modeling for Architects

ABACUS Cloud provides a high performance HTML5 web app for enterprise architects and other practitioners.

Users can enjoy completely secure access to ABACUS from any device. Simply login to your ABACUS Cloud workspace and start diagramming and roadmapping. Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues across time-zones and locations. No need to install any extensions or to configure your device.

ABACUS Cloud is OS-agnostic and works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and most HTML5 compatible browsers.

A Powerful Browser-Based Experience

Enterprise Architecture Collaboration Dashboards

Benefits of Switching to Cloud

Enterprise Architecture SaaS Cloud
Connect seamlessly to existing cloud-based solutions within the business
Cloud hosting enterprise architecture
Data Storage
Avoid complex physical infrastructure
Cloud Migration Security
Easily access and protect your data stored in the cloud

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