Data Driven Enterprise Architecture

Analyze your Architecture and track your Digital Business Metrics.

Set up dashboards for IT and financial analysis with analytics and algorithms in ABACUS. 

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Automate Cost Analysis, Security Scoring, Technical Analysis

  • Cost Analysis Automation Tools (Cost, TCO, ROI, NPV etc.) Cost roll-ups, cost attribution calculations, monitor cost trends
  • Automate Security & Risk Metrics: Algorithms for Risk-Scoring, Maturity etc.
  • Technical Analytics: Performance, Reliability, Complexity, Openness, Modularity, Cloud Readiness, Resource Utilization, Response Times, Availability, Portfolio “Health Checks” etc.
  • Sustainability Metrics: Carbon Footprint, Power Consumption + World Economic Forum ESG Metrics
  • Impact Analysis, Change Management: Build data-driven reports, roadmaps, comparisons of future state scenarios, trends in KPIs

Algorithms for these calculations are available pre-built in ABACUS. Your can also customize them to answer questions your teams ask most often.

Enterprise Architecture Tool Dashboard

Data Driven Architecture with Algorithms

Automate calculations, answer questions and generate KPIs to spot business risks and opportunities. Algorithms can be very simple, or can aggregate data from across your architecture layers. Use them to do the heavy lifting of both business and technical analysis.

Tools for Automating Enterprise Architecture Analysis

Build your own analytics with ABACUS algorithms, a practical way to streamline reporting.

Customize Calculations for Your Enterprise

Automate calculations and customize them for your business with the ABACUS Visual Algorithm Composer’s “drag-and-drop” commands:

  • Start with something as simple as a “sum” algorithm: add the values in two columns and present the results of the calculation in a third
  • Select operations including Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Min, Max, Ave, Count, Power and Log
  • Calculate cost, fit, risk, impact, probability, trends in metrics, for efficient IT financial analysis
  • Leverage the enterprise graph for Attribution and Aggregation of costs and other properties.
  • Present your calculations using KPI portlets, data visualizations, diagrams and dashboards.
Automating Enterprise Calculations with Algorithms
Data Driven Enterprise Architecture Dashboard

Financial Dashboard with Metrics: Project Budget, TCO of Application Portfolio and TCO/Profit by Process in ABACUS

Set up Team Specific Reporting Dashboards

With No-Code Algorithms you can run operations to:

  • Roll up costs: Eg allocate the cost of an application to the projects or departments which use it
  • Attribute a time metric to process steps, and calculate the lead time between processes
  • Measure impacts on projects based on dependency limitations
  • Target outliers, or elements with specific properties
  • Easily combine values and properties with support for string joins
  • Vary data processing order

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Cut Technical Debt with Algorithms (Customer Case Study)


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Artificial Intelligence AI in Enterprise Architecture

Using Artificial Intelligence In Enterprise Architecture

Benefit from the Ask ABACUS artificial intelligence recommendations to assist data management and guide decisions. 

This AI tool is designed for enterprise architects and predicts missing or incomplete values. Confidence scores guide users as they accept or decline proposed values.

  • Upload a spreadsheet or pull in other data and watch as ABACUS predicts values in empty cells, based on patterns and relationships in your data
  • Accept or clear proposed values, using confidence scores to guide you
  • Text, List, Date and Numeric Properties and Attachments can be predicted
  • “Anomaly detection”: Ask ABACUS also identifies unexpected or outlier values in datasets
  • Ask ABACUS recommendations can also be automatically included in calculations and workflows, ensuring high-confidence data is used even when some information is missing

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