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The analytics and algorithms available in ABACUS have been designed to supply commercially rigorous analysis to teams who rely on data science to drive business strategy.

What can you do with algorithms? They automate calculations that help you solve problems, answer questions and generate KPIs which provide the insight to spot business risks and opportunities. They can be very simple, or detailed and complex. Algorithms can be used to do the heavy lifting of both business and technical data analysis.

Algorithms available pre-built in ABACUS include:

  • Financial analytics (Cost, TCO, ROI, NPV etc.). Eg. automate your cost attribution calculations.
  • Algorithms to quantify Risk, Security, Maturity etc.
  • Technical analytics (Performance, Reliability, Complexity, Openness, Modularity, Cloud Readiness, Resource Utilization, Response Times, Availability, Portfolio “Health Checks” etc.)
  • Environmental metrics (Carbon Footprint, Resource Re-use, Sustainability, Power Consumption etc.)

Use ABACUS Algorithms to leverage equational, structural, discrete-event and Monte-Carlo techniques to undertake portfolio and lifecycle management of your data and architectures. Visualize your calculations using a range of dynamic charts and diagrams.

ABACUS Algorithms can be run server-side and in the cloud, maximizing computing power.

Visual Algorithm-Composer-in-ABACUS
Algorithms: Visual Coding

This no-code analytics tool provides a practical and transparent way to calculate business-critical metrics.

Use the Visual Algorithm Composer in ABACUS to set up algorithms.  Design analytics tailored precisely to your business and technology with ‘drag-n-drop’ commands in our graphical user interface:

  • Calculate cost, benefit, fit, risk, impact, probability, trends in metrics
  • Leverage the enterprise graph for Attribution and Aggregation of properties
  • Run operations including Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Min, Max, Ave, Count, Power and Log

Present your calculations using dynamic data visualizations, diagrams and dashboards.


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