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Avolution’s global structure allows for full 24-hour support spanning all time-zones and the ability to receive and answer customer queries in real-time.

With responsive customer service as our goal, Avolution employs highly qualified support engineers who will quickly respond to queries and pass on feedback to senior staff and our development team.

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Where can I learn about the latest features in ABACUS?

Our roadmap is constantly evolving with new features continuously released throughout the year. Minor updates are also available every evening as we roll out nightly builds. Visit our News Page to stay up to date with what’s new in ABACUS. If you’d like to request a feature or you have found a bug please contact us. For a complete overview of ABACUS, we’d recommend getting in touch for a demonstration or looking at some of the resources below.

I need a SaaS solution. Can I have a trial of ABACUS Cloud?

Few EA tools provide a purely cloud-based deployment option – that is one which requires zero installations (including browser plug-ins). Those which do rarely offer the alternative – a solution that can be deployed 100% on premise for situations that require the highest levels of security. ABACUS allows for both options as well as many hybrid deployments such as the repository on premise but the application(s) in the cloud. If you would like to trial ABACUS in the cloud please contact us here.

Where is ABACUS hosted? Is my data safe and backed up?
Our servers are securely located in state of the art facilities managed by our technology partners, the world’s leading cloud platform providers. Our data centers span the globe with sites in London, Virginia, California, Ireland, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore and Tokyo. All ABACUS data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using AES-256 encryption and industry-standard SHA-256 encryption for all passwords.
How do I migrate data from my current EA tool?

ABACUS supports architects with a very broad range of styles and approaches to get started quickly and achieve their business and technical goals. We provide a range of adaptors and integrations; these allow users to import or map to company data from SharePoint, Google Sheets, Excel, Visio and CMDBs. Adapters are also available to leverage current data from ServiceNow and Technopedia to ensure models are accurate and up-to-date and we also have plugins to migrate from other EA tools.

I’d like to learn more about ABACUS. Is training available?

ABACUS is designed to allow your team to produce meaningful architecture results in days and weeks. Our training options can provide users with both full implementation of the ABACUS tool suite as well as comprehensive training in techniques to accelerate your enterprise architecture practice. Working with your own live data during implementation programs means you can achieve results quickly and ensure a successful deployment. Certification in ABACUS is also available.

How can I get access to a trial of ABACUS?


We aim to get you up and running with ABACUS as quickly as possible. Every day we receive many requests from interested parties all over the world. We encourage you to provide us with the information you’re interested in, your tool requirements and any other important details when you Schedule a Demo. We may also request additional information from you if you use a temporary or free email account. If you haven’t received the information you need, please contact us here.

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Want to learn about ABACUS? Everything from basics, to advanced features to best practices, is covered right here in our ABACUS Knowledge Portal and Community.

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