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Enjoy the best integration of enterprise architecture and process modeling

Do you use diagrams and flowcharts to capture “as-is” processes and plan improvements?  In ABACUS your team can easily design and update processes, and use diagrams to collaborate and communicate

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Online Process Modeling plus an Architecture Repository, all in one tool

Changes in diagrams and datasets automatically flow through, ensuring all your content stays up-to-date:

  • Import Visio, UML, BPMN or other diagrams, shapes and flowcharts into ABACUS. Connect these to spreadsheet data and integrate with other sources
  • Build diagrams using our “drag-and-drop” interface; change hierarchy in web-based diagrams and add annotations.
  • Invite team members to view or edit diagrams
  • Link your process models to capability maps, technology architectures and other views
  • Create and present target states, options & scenarios
  • Link costs and technical data to your diagrams as you optimize your processes
  • Changes to components in diagrams are automatically updated across your other views and data catalogs. As users draw diagrams they are also building out the repository, adding content to your dataset
Business Process Modeling Tool Stencil for Architects

Major process modeling notations available in ABACUS include:

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Guide: Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Process Modeling:

Business Process Modeling & Management is used to improve businesses in a competitive market. Read our guide to achieving a unified approach, brining together architecture and process modeling:

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Avolution recognized in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis”

Companies need visibility of the impact their processes, products and services have on business outcomes.

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