Business Process Management & Modeling

Digital Whiteboarding in ABACUS Enterprise.

Enjoy the best integration of architecture and process modeling. Fully connected with your EA repository.

In ABACUS managers can use diagrams, schemas and flowcharts to capture “as-is” processes and plan improvements.  They can set out a strategy to improve metrics such as cost, efficiency and customer experience.

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In ABACUS diagrams are not just “still” images but are connected to the repository.

Changes automatically flow through, ensuring diagrams and dashboards stay updated.

  • Import Visio, UML, BPMN or other diagrams, shapes and flowcharts into ABACUS. Connect these to data from your Excel spreadsheets and other sources such as Technopedia
  • Sketch out diagrams using quick canvas-and-stencil “drag-and-drop”; costs and technical data can be linked to your diagrams
  • Change hierarchy in web-based diagrams by dragging and dropping component shapes (ideal for Business Process Modeling/BPMN)
  • Easily update data and use web-based diagrams and dashboards to monitor and optimize processes
  • Create and compare multiple scenarios options
Showcasing the BPMN Framework in ABACUS EA Tool
ABACUS supports major business process modeling notations including:

Avolution has been recognized in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis” 2020

The need for organisations to adapt and respond effectively to change is more important than ever. To do this, companies need visibility of the impact their processes, products and services have on business outcomes.

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Whitepaper: Aligning EA with BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the most popular methods for improving businesses in a competitive market. ABACUS supports practitioners in managing the complexities of BPM, helping the business to hit its goals.

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