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Everything we do creates data. However, with great amounts of data comes great responsibility. Data management has become essential for confident decision making. Data maintenance doesn’t need to be time consuming and difficult.

ABACUS Enterprise connects your organization’s data in a user-friendly environment, allowing users across time zones and locations to collaborate on data in the cloud. Using personalised browser-based dashboards and data registers, users can easily access reports and edit their data in real-time, improving data integrity, reliability and productivity.

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Ahead of The Curve in EA innovation, ABACUS Supports Self-Service Data Management:
  • Cloud-based collaborative data management, supporting remote working
  • Reduces the workload of the enterprise architecture team
  • Part spreadsheet, part database, updating directly to your repository
  • Embed in MS Teams or other workplace social software
  • Interactive dashboards and roadmaps for digital strategy and analysis

Lighten Your Data Workload

Rather than losing hours of your day dealing with data-update requests manually, set up browser-editable lists which streamline updates.

Data owners throughout the enterprise update these themselves, managing portfolios of assets, technologies, infrastructure, processes and projects.

Free up time to focus on analysis, strategy and communication. Rules, permissions, approvals processes and change logs still allow you to keep a close eye on data quality and governance.

“Our ABACUS Dashboards and Editors ensure that the wider organisation can take responsibility for their own data and can access it in a self-service fashion.”

Democratize Enterprise Architecture

Designed for the Whole Enterprise:

Data Owners
Line-of-business heads
Financial Analysts /
EA Consultancies and their clients
Executive Approvals Process

Assemble a “Review-and-Approval Dashboard” which brings together tailored charts and diagrams and their connected data portfolios in a browser.

  • Dashboard links can be sent or embedded in an email, tab or report
  • Stakeholders or executives can review the dashboard then comment, edit & approve
  • Stakeholders stay engaged with email notifications about edits and chat integrations
ABACUS Executive Approvals Process
ABACUS for Small teams looking for big results
Small Teams Who Need Big Results…

Architecture teams often face a huge challenge of establishing an influential EA practice with a very small expert team. ABACUS addresses a common pitfall in this situation: efficient data management.

  • Establish close partnerships with business stakeholders, so data-owners handle their own updates
  • Architects gain time to focus on strategy and planning rather than data stewardship
  • Increases productivity of data owners, as able to access data firsthand
…Or Large Global Enterprises

ABACUS dashboards ensure that the wider organisation can be responsible for their own operational and planning data. 

  • Updates change in real-time so they can be checked and accessed immediately
  • Avoid conflict between the wider organisation and EA team over out-of-date data
  • EA’s set up permissions, rules and approvals processes and monitor change logs
  • Data is more accurate, and visualisations can show the live changes
ABACUS for Large Enterprises
Manage Consultancy Client Data Collaboration Smoothly
Manage Consultancy-Client Data Collaboration Smoothly

Enterprise architecture consultants can empower clients to update their enterprise architecture repository themselves.

  • Avoid frustration caused by delays in data maintenance
  • Make sure clients can keep their own data accurate
  • Solve back-and-forth messaging and time zone issues

Enterprise Data Management in the Cloud

Light Touch Data Management

  • Create or edit components via user-friendly forms
  • Type or edit free-form text in cells, just like editing a spreadsheet
  • Set permissions and approvals to control data quality (allow notifications to monitor changes)
  • Integrate with Excel, Visio, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Technopedia etc.

Explore Data:

  • Create drop-down and pick-lists and classify them using colour
  • Filters and sorting are reflected in other visualizations
  • Create connections by selecting from a list of possible attachments
  • Charts and diagrams auto-update as the data is changed

Architects shouldn’t need to act as data stewards, but they do need to make sure data is maintained.

Understand & Take Action

  • Easily set-up dashboards and tailored viewpoints
  • Provide real-time visibility of appropriate information.
  • Assemble dashboards from a selection of interactive charts, including Graph View, Gantt, Capability Maps, Heatmaps, Treemaps, Pie and Bar Charts.
  • Stakeholders can drill-down, review data and take action
Finance Enterprise Architecture Dashboard
TOGAF and ABACUS Metamodel

Analytics For Technical & Business Metrics:

  • Structured data: link records between tables/lists and diagrams/models
  • Apply analytics and machine learning for more complete and accurate data
  • Use algorithms (pre-built or no-code) to automate calculations
  • Calculate cost, risk, impact, probability and monitor trends in metrics

Dashboards for Your Enterprise


Collaborative dashboards for your enterprise

Four Steps Towards Discoverable Enterprise Data

Being able to locate and understand the data resources in large enterprises gives a huge competitive advantage. Working out how to set up data stores so different regional teams can use it efficiently is a skillset needed in all organizations, and enterprise architects often lead the way.

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