How to Build Enterprise Architecture Workflows

“Work is a process, and any process needs to be controlled. To make work productive, therefore, requires building the appropriate controls into the process of work.”

Peter F. DruckerManagement: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

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Architecture Governance 

Architects and Business Leaders can set up custom processes to bring calm and efficiency to enterprise architecture communications.
Automated notifications in ABACUS can be used for:

  Review and Approvals Processes

  Task and project management

  Setting up routine analysis

  Quality control and process optimization

Building Enterprise Architecture Workflows

  • Build Automations Visually. Use ABACUS’ no-code environment (part of our Visual Algorithm Composer) to set up approvals processes and algorithms.  No scripts or coding necessary. Design automations and analytics tailored precisely to your business and technology with ‘drag-n-drop’ commands.
  • Create Your Focus View with dashboards and zero in on your tasks or projects. Benefit from lists, catalogs, Gantt charts and other data visualizations, to communicate your current progress and future objectives.
  • Stay on Top of Change. Tap into real-time information on your business, processes, infrastructure and technology resources using cloud-based lists and dashboards. Collaborate with teams via web-based or digital workplace apps.
Automating Enterprise Calculations with Algorithms
ABACUS is available on cloud-based (SaaS), on-prem and hybrid deployments

Notifications & Approvals Processes

  • Staging-Area to “Approved”: Create components and views in staging areas, then submit for approval. Once approved, these can be synchronized into the production architecture.
  • Watch Algorithms Go to Work: Run algorithms alongside catalogs, diagrams, and other views in ABACUS to immediately see your changes. Watch heatmaps light up, impact diagrams shift, and relationships change across your enterprise.
  • Keep Stakeholders Informed using filtered dashboard views shared via URLs. Reduce confusion and rediscovery by focusing on exactly what you mean with a tailored visualization.

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