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Automate Enterprise Architecture Analysis with Algorithms

Streamline the way you generate cost optimization plans, security scores, and technical analysis. Set up customized calculations to monitor the metrics you and your colleagues need to make decisions. Automate calculations for cost, application business fit and technical fit, availability of systems, technical debt, ESG scores etc. All analysis is integrated, no need to export to a data analysis tool such as Excel, PowerBI or Tableau.

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Aligning Architecture with Process Modeling and Management

Aligning processes and architecture ensures that IT investments support our business objectives, improve system integration, and reduce information silos. Process management and modeling is an important part of enterprise architecture because it provides a visual understanding of how activities, resources, and information flows within an organization.

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On-Premise vs Cloud Hosted – Automating Cloud Migration & Management Decisions

What factors should enterprise architects consider when deciding between on-premises or cloud hosted? Explore key considerations for determining the ideal hosting infrastructure for your organization, across: deployment options, security, control, cost, compliance. Uncover the phases of cloud migration and how best to automate the process with ABACUS.

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How to Build an Effective Enterprise Architecture Repository

Managing an architecture repository well and analyzing it to provide timely information and guidance is a hallmark of successful architecture teams. During this eBook we dive into the five key phases to implementing a successful enterprise architecture repository including: scoping and setting-up, adding and gathering content, initial publishing, on-going updates, democratization.

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Cloud Strategy: Business Case & Roadmaps for Enterprise Architects

Cloud Migration is both a Business and IT Journey. Essential elements for a Cloud Business Case include: where and how should the company implement cloud environments, what are the benefits (modernization, agility, scale), are there any implications for data compliance or external regulations, how will we secure, manage and govern across cloud and hybrid environment, what cost and maintenance optimisations (ROI) can we achieve.

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Unlocking Solution Architecture with ABACUS

Solution Architects design systems to improve the reliability, speed and scalability of projects. Understand the scope and steps to implement solution architecture in your enterprise, with this eBook covering: key solution architecture skills, how to streamline solution architecture tasks, examples of templates and designs for solution architects, steps to successfully deliver value from your solution and enterprise architecture practice with ABACUS.

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An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Data Privacy and Security

How to manage data privacy and information security using GDPR and CCPA. Managing sensitive data well ensures organizations can: gain visibility of, and be proactive about data flows and data-management, ensure integrity of datasets and insights, minimize risk of fines or sanctions, protect corporate security and reputation, enable the flow of anonymized key data as a resource.

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Embracing Enterprise Architecture in an Agile World

What is Agile Architecture? And how can the role of the enterprise architect adapt within an Agile organization? Here we will explore how Agile can be adapted, covering the 5 key steps to Agile Architecture, and the benefits which combining the two areas can bring to your business by establishing a clear vision, ensuring effective data analysis, improving decision making, encouraging stakeholder engagement.

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Guiding Cybersecurity Strategies

How can you manage enterprise security across people, processes and technology?Architecture modeling and analysis is key to developing risk management strategies for your enterprise, ensuring regulatory compliance, and scenario-planning for future events by creating a company-wide digital security resource and data repository, cybersecurity set-up checklist, security risk scoring, cybersecurity roadmaps, scenario modeling (continuous risk reduction).

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