Solution Architecture

Solution Architects design systems which improves the reliability, speed and scalability of projects. Use ABACUS to manage both technical vision and project implementation, to meet business requirements.

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AWS connections in ABACUS

Connecting Data, Modeling & Analysis

By pulling together a connected view of business processes, applications, platforms and technology, architects can design strong solutions. Use industry standard frameworks and modeling techniques and present plans using a range of viewpoints, roadmaps, charts and diagrams.

Solution Architecture & Design Steps (Application Interface)

Solution Architecture & Design Steps

Take advantage of major solution, system and software modeling approaches available within ABACUS

  • Scope requirements and system specifications
  • Map out design concepts and target architectures
  • Use AWS, Azure, and other shapes libraries and standards
  • Run analytics to understand costs and dependencies
  • Assess options, run scenario analysis and select the technology stack
  • Collaborate and share data with business architects, application architects, technical architects and enterprise architects
  • Motivate decision-makers with clear presentations about Process Improvements, Cost-Savings, Roadmaps and Growth

Solution & System Design Templates

Make the most of our Solution Architecture frameworks and notations available out-of-the-box in ABACUS:

BPMN process modeling with enterprise architecture

Shapes, graphics and icons in ABACUS diagrams can also be customized. New shapes can be added to your shapes library for use in diagrams and easily converted from Visio. ABACUS is also set up for architects who need to use multiple modeling languages as well as designing their own.

Elevate Your Solution Architecture Strategy

Uncover key solution architecture skills, examples of solution designs and templates in this free eBook.

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Originally presented at SwitchOn APAC, this webinar follows a practical approach to applying Solution Architecture in an Enterprise Architecture context.

Webinar overview:

  • Solution Architecture Implementation
  • The Relationship between Solution Architecture & Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture Automations

Aligning Solution Architecture with Enterprise Architecture


Import Data in ABACUS
Import data easily from Excel, Visio, SharePoint. Maintain a centralized repository
Model and Analyze
Design and model solution architectures using industry-standard frameworks and metrics
Analyze data with ABACUS
Use scenario analysis and stress testing to identify weaknesses, assess alternatives and design a robust solution
Report using tailor-made, interactive dashboards

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