Complete BPMN Modeling
for Architects


The ABACUS Enterprise Architecture Software Supports BPMN Diagrams

What is BPMN? Architects use the Business Process Modeling Notation to build flowcharts and diagrams with a set of standard symbols to represent events, activities, decisions, and data flows. The latest BPMN standard from the Object Management Group is BPMN 2.0. 

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Enterprise Architecture with BPMN

Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) is a popular standard for documenting the tasks and steps in processes.

Business Analysts and Enterprise Architects need to collaborate on business-oriented models with referenceable notation and semantics following the BPMN specification.

ABACUS Modelers can link business processes to:

  • Business capabilities & business architecture goals and strategies
  • Applications
  • Technology infrastructure

They can use this connected architecture to explore dependencies, roll up cost calculations and model scenarios.

Modeling with BPMN 2.0

In ABACUS, users have access to the BPMN 2.0 framework as both a reference library and a full sample architecture. 

  • BPMN 2.0 including semantics, structures, elements, and relationships
  • Access, share and edit online process models by sending links to colleagues or by embedding diagrams and flowcharts as tabs in platforms such as MS Teams
  • Document processes and integrations by linking in standards, assets, technology & infrastructure or other properties. Link in business goals and financial metrics.
Enterprise Architecture Business Process Model BPMN

Lightweight web-based diagrams for quick BPMN modeling, flowcharts and digital whiteboarding 

Business Process Modeling Tool Stencil for Architects

BPMN modeling with a diagram stencil & templates

  • Map sequences and actions in a flowchart format to document business processes
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality to draw business process models and workflows
  • Change hierarchy in web-based diagrams by dragging and dropping component shapes
  • Diagrams can be fully integrated with the components in your data repository, so updates flow through and remain consistent as you make changes

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Why use BPMN in ABACUS?

Business Process Templates
Organizational Modeling
Business Process Records & Plans
Open API & Integrations
Link in Data, Metrics and Goals

BPMN Modeling for Architects

  • BPMN Symbols & Metamodel
    Supporting all BPMN modeling requirements. Capture business processes, choreographies, and collaborations including sequence flows, exception handling models, transactions, and compensation diagrams. ABACUS includes all BPMN 2.0 modeling symbols, components and connections with descriptions and notations


  • BPMN standard modeling rules vs flexible modeling
    Modelers can chose to constrain modeling to BPMN modeling rules and specification: events, flow objects, data, connecting objects, swimlanes, and artifacts. They can also choose to link to and extend their architecture using other EA standards: business architecture frameworks and templates, business capabilities, technology architectures, additional enterprise architecture and security architecture standards and libraries in ABACUS


  • Rich contextual annotations, and colors  
    To bring clarity and ease of understanding to diagrams. Labeling elements, setting notation colors, sizing flow objects and markers, and drawing lines can be done using the ABACUS diagram stencil, or by using templates.
  • Future scenarios and historical records of business processes
    Easily compare and adapt ‘As-Is’ and old business processes, with ‘To-Be’ new business processes. ABACUS allows architects to quickly model and analyze change. Users can collaborate easily on online process diagrams: front-line process owners can edit and update process diagrams to provide quick feedback.


  • Open API and integrations  
    ABACUS empowers modelers with real-time collaboration through its open API and robust integrations. Push model updates to live systems and keep data in sync with automated updates. Ensure everyone across the organization has access to the latest accurate process models, on-demand.


  • Edit web-based diagrams  
    Use the ABACUS online diagram stencil to drag and drop BPMN symbols and create workflows. Freeform text edits can be made to quickly update diagrams and properties. Users can also change hierarchy in web-based diagrams by dragging and dropping component shapes. All diagram changes update directly to the architecture repository, keeping data in sync.

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