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How to Build an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

Learn about four types of best-practice roadmapping. Which style and structure will suit your business? What elements should be on the roadmap – Services? Strategies? Standards? Projects? Applications? What properties or lifecycle stages should you focus on? How can you show multiple scenario options? What visualizations are best?

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The Guide to Successful Application Transformation

Bring focus to improving, developing and rationalizing your applications, landscapes and infrastructure. APM practitioners need strategies to tackle ever expanding portfolios of new and legacy applications. Successful application rationalization can help organisations to reduce costs, support cloud-based or remote work, improve agility and remain ahead-of-the curve.

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Aligning EA with Business Process Management

Business Process Management is one of the most popular methods for retaining business visibility in a competitive market. BPM is most effective when carried out in a precise, methodical manner. Expert practitioners need to be able to calculate, improve, and communicate key metrics, such as customer satisfaction and costs.

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Enterprise Architecture Reporting Best Practice

What’s the best way of showing our data? The best enterprise architecture reporting makes complex data understandable, and allows your colleagues to quickly grasp the implications of your KPIs, and provide the feedback you need.

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Self Service Data Management, Made Simple (EPM)

Most of the information your organization requires for enterprise architecture, IT strategy and scenario planning already sits within your business. ABACUS helps your teams connect the dots and collaborate efficiently. Organize digital assets and lists in one place with integrations and APIs. Keep data fresh using editable cloud-based lists. Build data-rich roadmaps and models to manage complexity and drive confident action

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Quick Guide to Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection: A Checklist for EAs

Navigating a tool selection process well can have a huge impact on the ease with which you do your job. It can make or break the success of your practice . This whitepaper gathers key criteria and pitfalls from an analysis of hundreds of enterprise architecture management tool selection processes. It also draw on experience from the TOGAF and ArchiMate tools certification programs.

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Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Success

A Guide to Architecture & Strategy: Model business, application, information, and technology layers. Generate artifacts, viewpoints and metrics to track the health of your projects and priorities. Model scenarios and future state architectures, and undertake gap analysis. Set up integrations and automations to streamline reporting. Use browser-based portfolios, tailored dashboards and rich data visualizations to communicate.

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