Enterprise Security Architecture


Architects and Information Security professionals manage the systems needed for strong cybersecurity.

ABACUS provides these teams with specialised cybersecurity frameworks and supports modeling, roadmapping, application management, risk scoring, scenario analysis and reporting.

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Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping

Integrate Data, Build Cybersecurity Roadmaps

Integrate existing company data quickly from Excel, Visio, SharePoint etc

  • Model systems, technology and infrastructure. Set up Application Catalogs, Application Landscapes and Business Capability Maps
  • Use frameworks and standards to accelerate your strategies. Options in ABACUS include TOGAFArchiMateBPMN, specialised security frameworks NIST and SABSA and cloud architecture libraries such as AWS and Azure
  • Rate applications and infrastructure risk to identify priorities. Run Security Risk Scoring: a function of the probability and impact of attack
  • Analyze scenarios and present metrics: quantify Risk, Security, Performance, Reliability, Resource Utilization, Response Time

Enterprise Architecture for Cybersecurity

Set up self-service data management for data-owners with editable browser-based lists. Set permissions which allow teams across your organization to access and update relevant data.

  • Assemble cybersecurity dashboards to provide at-a-glance reports including risk- and cost- calculations and Gantt charts to track projects
  • Use graph-database visual analytics to understand cybersecurity dependencies and impacts
Enhance cybersecurity with ABACUS

Cybersecurity Strategies

How can enterprises build agility to detect and respond to the unknown and unexpected?

Living in an digital world creates both new opportunities but also new risks and increased regulatory requirements.

Architects can use connected data and models in ABACUS to design resilient systems, identify security vulnerabilities and developed informed risk mitigation strategies.

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An Enterprise Architect’s Guide to NIST for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a top priority for many organizations. More than 85% of organizations are looking to increase their IT security spending, according to McKinsey.

Watch our 15-min guide for an overview of the popular NIST cybersecurity framework. Used widely in the US, NIST provides industry standards and best practices to help organizations manage risk and cybersecurity.

“Our team are using ABACUS as one of their guiding lights to prioritize cybersecurity”

Scott Frederick – Infrastructure Architect, Ameritas

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WEBINAR: Six Steps for Tackling Cybersecurity Risk and Threats

Join the enterprise architecture team at security specialists, Sophos, to learn how they address risks and threats, and identify strategies to work with the business to ensure cybersecurity best-practice

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Guide your Cybersecurity

Regulate Compliance and Enhance your Threat Strategy with ABACUS
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