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How to Use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (5 Minute Guide for Enterprise & Security Architects)

Learn about NIST CSF’s Core, Tier and Profile components. Improve your cybersecurity with NIST CSF Profiling and understand where NIST CSF fits with an existing Enterprise Architecture metamodel.

Implement NIST CSF with Avolution’s ABACUS to track and visualize your cybersecurity mission objectives. Combine NIST CSF with popular Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Security & Strategy Frameworks also available as standard in ABACUS.

Sophos – Case Study

Enterprise Architecture for Cybersecurity

Use Case: Sophos needed a platform to support their enterprise architecture practice in identifying and setting mitigation strategies for exposure and risk, and also for cost-savings and scenario-planning for future requirements.

Solution: Map the business and technology landscape from an IT and security viewpoint. Define properties to ensure compliance with regulators. Identify business capabilities enabled by technology, security risk scoring, authorized and unauthorized solutions, cost-saving and automation opportunities. They also use ABACUS for algorithms and scripting to automate reporting, and to provide analysis of security risk and architectural metrics in general.

Dashboard Masterclass: How to Communicate When the Stopwatch is Ticking (Webinar)

Gain your seat at the table and fast track key Enterprise Architecture messages with business-friendly dashboards. How do you persuade, gain buy-in and sign off from time-poor stakeholders? Or communicate and collaborate on large amounts of data across your enterprise? Effective data visualizations can help simplify complex data and allow your colleagues to quickly focus and provide feedback when it matters most.

Tackling Technical Debt, A Guide for Enterprise Architects (Webinar)

Walk through how to use the latest analytics and visualizations to tackle technical debt, including mapping cost, technical debt ratios, technical metrics, complexity, security, dependencies and business risk. We will find data-driven answers to key questions such as; “What is technical debt costing us in monetary terms?” and “What is the impact of Technical Debt on our team and how do we measure this?” Then we will build a roadmap which manages trade-offs between financial, time and technical constraints.


Six Steps for Tackling Cybersecurity Risk and Threats (Webinar)

Join the enterprise architecture team at security specialists, Sophos, to learn how they address risks and threats, and identify strategies to work with the business to ensure cybersecurity best-practice, including: application catalogs and security risk scoring; mitigation strategies for exposure and risk; identifying cost-savings, scenario planning for future requirements; visualizations for communicating roadmaps.

Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Business Process Management (Webinar)

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management are techniques for capturing key business processes and planning business and IT strategy. How can we ensure we benefit from both? Join this webinar for a practical guide to aligning EA and BPM. Focus will be given on how BPM can be started, maintained and optimized while allowing you to see the value of connected architectures.

From Scratch to Self Service Architecture Almost – Digital EA Summit

The EA team at First Interstate Bank has taken an unscripted, throw it at the wall and see what sticks, approach to building an EA practice. They have used multiple frameworks and the “common language” of applications to drive business engagement. The team is developing a “self-service architecture” approach that supplies an open repository and encourages exploration through ABACUS Enterprise. The self-service architecture approach is helping to accelerate projects, present roadmaps for planning, and supply a common language for communication.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping in 2020 (Webinar)

What are the top enterprise architecture and IT trends that will guide 2020? How can you make the most of new techniques to make architecture easier and more collaborative? Join hosts Tim O’Neill and Andrew Lewthwaite in a comprehensive overview of ABACUS 7. Discover the latest features, including interactive Gantt charts to quickly visualize roadmaps and Graph View capabilities to explore relationships within your enterprise.

Roadmapping Cloud Migration and Architecture (Webinar)

Cloud Migration continues apace in 2020, and enterprise architects are at the helm of cloud transformation efforts. Cloud technologies are also becoming top contributors to IT complexity. Successful digital transformation will continue to go hand in hand with strong architecture planning of Cloud Applications and Services.

Digital Security Architecture for Enterprise Architects (Webinar)

Strong cybersecurity business benefits a whole enterprise. From satisfying risk and compliance requirements to crucial application uses, building the relationship between EA and digital security creates a dependable foundation for a powerful digital strategy.

This webinar explores: how enterprise architects can improve their digital cybersecurity with key cybersecurity business objectives, different types of cybersecurity frameworks and the relationship between EA and digital security. Dive deeper into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and learn how to implement it with ABACUS.

Digital EA Frameworks for Financial Services (Webinar)

Enterprise Architecture can help improve the organisational structure through productivity, agility, timeliness, revenue growth, and cost reduction. It provides a “digital map” which delivers quick answers to business and technology questions.

Banking and Financial Services are able to focus more clearly on enhancing their core functional capabilities and delivering a seamless experience to their customers, with strong enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping in 60 seconds with ABACUS by Avolution

An overview of roadmapping with ABACUS. Easily upload your existing data, choose from over 100 frameworks and notations, build your roadmaps, and report using rich visuals. Use ABACUS for quick and powerful data management, enterprise roadmapping, application management, infrastructure management, impact analysis, trade off analysis, cloud readiness assessments, portfolio health checks.

Suncor Energy

Constructing the Enterprise Digital Twin

Suncor Energy, a leading Canadian energy company, provides sustainable, trusted energy to millions each day. The architecture team at Suncor recognized the potential business value in creating a digital twin, or a virtual counterpart to their real-world system. This presentation will identify best practices for incorporating a digital twin construction into existing business processes and how to find value across your organization.


Mastering Data: Creating an Effective EA Repository

By transforming your repository into a single source of truth, you help avoid data silos and allow business leaders to make informed data-driven decisions. During this webinar, Mark Harrison will explore the key steps which Enstar, a leading global insurance group, used to harvest their data into an effective EA repository helping to create value and master their data.

The Future of Enterprise Architecture and Innovation (Webinar)

How can Enterprise Architects prepare for the future? What does your team need to stay ahead of the curve? You may already be grappling with how Enterprise Architecture integrates with Agile and DevOps, Biomodal IT, and Digital Transformation. But what about how to architect for IoT, AI, and machine learning?

Hear from industry leaders about the technologies you’ll need to know about to deliver first-class EA in the future. Plus tactics for coping with the volume, velocity, and variability of disruptive technology. What will you need in your toolbox? (This webinar was presented via the Open Group)

Streamlining Application Rating and Categorization with Algorithms – Digital EA Summit

Man Group. are an active investment firm managing US$ 114.4b globally. Their enterprise architecture team supports the firms’ advanced technology infrastructure and governs the latest technology across all aspects of their business. Technical Architect, James Bashford, will focus in on how they have streamlined their application rating framework using algorithms in ABACUS, so that technology is responsive to the needs of both critical business operations and everyday innovation.

5 Quick Wins That Gives Enterprise Architects an Edge (Webinar)

These five quick wins have been tried-and-tested to prove the value of enterprise architecture. Could your team use them to set your course for success? Achievable in only weeks or months these initiatives allow you to spot opportunities, quantify risks and run algorithms which guide IT strategy and digital transformation.

Three Secret Weapons Enterprise Architects Need to Succeed (Webinar)

Originally presented at Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 22 – 23 May 2018 | London, UK

Enterprise architects are in demand and need to become modern digital superheroes. Are you using these three secret weapons to boost your strategies and roadmaps?   To master complex digital and business ecosystems, collaboration is a must. Can enterprise graphs, integrations and open APIs, and algorithms help you shine in your role?

Making Enterprise Architecture a Success in 12 Weeks (Webinar)

This webinar covers what is required to make enterprise architecture a success and how Architects can speed time to value and deliver on stakeholder requirements. What if you could achieve these goals in just 12 weeks? Or less?

Roadmapping with TOGAF 9.2 and ArchiMate 3.0 (Open Group Webinar)

Do you use TOGAF or ArchiMate? Interested in Roadmapping? The TOGAF and ArchiMate standards can provide both a head start and a solid foundation for your Enterprise Architecture roadmaps. Architects can use them to access methods, processes, metamodels, templates and visual notations which accelerate IT and business planning. Whether you’re building roadmaps to manage customer needs, business growth, emerging opportunities, risks and security threats or other requirements, this webinar will provide an overview of how to use the new TOGAF standard and the ArchiMate 3.0 standard in your work.

Six Secrets of Top Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architects need to win over decision-makers who drive strategy and budgets. Discover how to achieve quick wins to establish credibility, positioning Enterprise Architects as enablers of strategy. Leverage standards including the TOGAF and ArchiMate to deliver quick answers and hit business goals.

Cloud-based Enterprise Architecture, Modeling and Roadmapping with ABACUS by Avolution

ABACUS Cloud provides a high performance HTML5 client. Users can enjoy completely secure access to ABACUS from any device. Simply login to your ABACUS Cloud workspace and start diagramming and roadmapping. Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues across time-zones and locations. No need to install any extensions or to configure your device. ABACUS Cloud is OS agnostic and works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and any HTML5 compatible browser.

Roadmapping Masterclass for Enterprise Architects

Delivering a quick, clear enterprise architecture roadmap is a hallmark of successful Enterprise Architects.

Discover how to leverage standards and existing data (SharePoint, Excel, Google Sheets etc) to build compelling roadmaps. Map lifecycle stages, dependencies and impacts using automated views. Build business cases to streamline application portfolios, manage legacy systems and technical debt, and reduce costs. Explore strategies for longer term planning including trade-off analysis.

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