Agile Enterprise Architecture

A leading tool for modeling and roadmapping. ABACUS supports collaborative enterprise architecture and connects your IT and business strategy. Cloud-based data and dashboards streamline global collaboration and remote working.

Available on-premise or as a browser-based SaaS tool.

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& Innovation
Leader in Gartner MQ and other independent analyst reports. Regular Product Updates.
Expert Modeling in Minutes
Strategize and analyze your organisational architecture with ease using data-driven diagrams.
Enjoy Connected Data, Models & Metrics across your whole enterprise.
Secure, Cloud-Based Technology
Work directly and securely in your browser. Ideal for global teams and remote working.


Map Your Route to Cost Savings & Growth

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Leading Enterprise Modeling & Roadmapping, in Minutes

“Diagrams & Roadmaps Automatically Stay Up-To-Date, This Saves So Much Time” 

  • Connect all data in one place, keeping everything consistent and accurate. Users can edit diagrams and data catalogs in-browser
  • Use industry standards and frameworks to get going quickly
  • Full flexibility to adapt and configure your own metamodels, with ease

Modeling & Roadmapping

Roadmapping Enterprise Architecture

Connecting IT and the Wider Enterprise

“The Whole Enterprise Can Have Visibility of Our Architecture” 

  • Set up dashboards to tell data stories using business-friendly visualizations.
  • Offer quick KPIs in a simple view, users can drill down into detail as needed
  • Continue to evolve and improve dashboards based on feedback

Digital Collaboration

Save Time and Lighten Workloads

“People Can Be Responsible For Their Own Data – That Is The Power Of Editable Catalogs” 

  • Allow the wider organisation to update their own data with digital portfolios
  • Part spreadsheet, part database, updating directly to your repository
  • Capture data through normal everyday work, keeping it current

Portfolio Management

Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Dashboard enhancing digital portfolio management

Experience True Time-to-Value

“The Value Is In Being Able To Wire Our Data Together Using Integrations.” 

Create a single source of truth, pulling in your chosen master data  

Integrate from SharePoint, Excel, Visio, Technopedia, CRMs, CMDBs and exchange data via ABACUS’ readable and writeable REST API. 

Collaborative dashboards for your enterprise

Automate and Track Your Digital Business Metrics, With Ease

“Data-Driven is Where Our EA Team Shines” 

  • Design and automate key calculations with prebuilt or no-code algorithms.
  • Compare future state architecture options for effective scenario analysis
  • Motivate decision-makers with a clear route to cost-savings & growth 
  • Use Machine Learning to speed data management and analysis

Data-Driven Architecture

ABACUS Visual Algorithm Composer Graphic Representation Demonstrating the ease of drag-and-drop algorithms
Collaborate Seamlessly in ABACUS Enterprise and Microsoft Teams

Embed in MS Teams Or Workplace Software

“Business Users Don’t Even Need to Know They’re Using an EA Tool” 

  • Share dashboards, diagrams, process models & editable data catalogs as tabs in MS Teams or other workplace social software
  • Streamlined authentication and login with single sign-on (SSO) and AD integrations 
  • Control integrity of data with permissions at the column level 

Collaborative Data Management

Connect People to Key Data Using Dynamic Visualizations

“Graph View is Pretty Cool!”

  • Navigate through systems in a dynamic environment, as opposed to static diagram views.
  • Drill down into connections between systems and technology 
  • Spot dependencies and impacts which might trip up your projects 

Dynamic Data Visualizations

Dynamic Visualizations in ABACUS - Graph View

“Fully Customizable – And We Can Do It Ourselves!” 

ABACUS adapts to your data and your business 

Configure your repository and metamodel, in minutes. Customize data fields, design dashboards and automate analytics specific to your business.

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