ArchiMate Certified Tool

The ABACUS enterprise architecture tool is certified for ArchiMate

What is ArchiMate? The ArchiMate modeling language is an Open Group standard for visualizing, analyzing and describing architecture domains, as well as supporting IT strategy in large enterprises.
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ArchiMate Modeling Tool

  • No customization or configuration necessary before or after delivery to support ArchiMate
  • Draw ArchiMate diagrams: model across the layers and aspects of ArchiMate. These include Strategy, Business, Application, Technology, Physical and Implementation layers and Passive Structure, Behaviour, Active Structure and Motivation aspects
  • Easily extend or adapt your architecture drawing from over 100 other frameworks & notations in ABACUS.
  • 100% ‘Out-of-the-box’ conformance with the standard. ABACUS is also the only tool demonstrating import and export of the full ArchiMate XML Model Exchange File Format with 2 other tools
ArchiMate Modeling Tool

Combine TOGAF & ArchiMate

ABACUS is also certified for TOGAF from the Open Group.
Allowing users to combine ArchiMate modeling with the TOGAF Architecture Development Method. Find out more >

Using ArchiMate in ABACUS Gives You:

A set of standard ArchiMate viewpoints, and a preconfigured metamodel. Layers available include Strategy, Business, Application, Technology, Physical and Implementation layers and aspects include Passive Structure, Behavior, Active Structure and Motivation

ArchiMate and ABACUS

ArchiMate rules validation engine: this provides high confidence levels that models are compliant with ArchiMate across views such as diagrams, matrices, charts and catalogs. With the validation engine in ABACUS, users can runs automated checks of constraints in the model.

ArchiMate and ABACUS

The ability to combine ArchiMate with TOGAF: to create a rich architectural modeling environment. Users can define their own scope and start modeling with as much of the ArchiMate metamodel as they require.

ArchiMate and ABACUS

Customizable ArchiMate Diagrams and Dashboards: architects can use viewpoints covering all of the ArchiMate layers and aspects, and tailor them according to their preferences. Automatic diagram creation and an intuitive dynamic connector available in ABACUS also streamline view creation.

ArchiMate and ABACUS

Global collaboration across departments: geographically distributed teams can model efficiently and effectively on premise or in the cloud. Architects can produce deliverables quickly to support decision-making.

ArchiMate and ABACUS

Change and impact analysis: quick visual impact analysis and scenario analysis are available in ABACUS to inform recommendations. These techniques can be used as extensions to the ArchiMate Gap and Plateau elements.

ArchiMate and ABACUS

Automate calculations: set up counts and calculations to run against your ArchiMate models and display metrics in customizable dashboards.

ArchiMate modeling tool ABACUS

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