Delivering Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF 9.2 in ABACUS

ABACUS Enterprise Architecture Tool: Certified to Support the TOGAF ADM

What is TOGAF?
TOGAF is an Open Group framework used by 90,000+ practitioners worldwide to design, plan and implement enterprise and solution architecture. Used in ABACUS, TOGAF provides a detailed method for modeling the Business, Application, Data and Technology levels of an enterprise.

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  • ABACUS is an Open Group Certified TOGAF tool. ABACUS is also certified for ArchiMate.
  • 100% ‘Out-of-the-box’ functionality conformance with all the Architecture Content Framework requirements.
  • Draw from 100+ other frameworks available in ABACUS

TOGAF provides a common language and methodology for Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Information Systems Architecture and Technology Architecture.

TOGAF Tool Certified.

TOGAF Framework in ABACUS:

A preconfigured central repository which supports the TOGAF ADM (Architecture Development Method). This is provided out-of-the-box in ABACUS, no customization or configuration is needed.

  • A complete set of TOGAF assets, including reference architectures (e.g.TRM and SIB), models, and patterns as well as diagrams and documentation templates.
  • Additional attributes such as cost, life-cycle, category and status have been added to the meta-model to support enterprise architecture algorithms available in ABACUS.
  • TOGAF Artifacts: ABACUS supports all the TOGAF artifacts (i.e. diagrams, matrices and catalogs) and provides its own TOGAF notation which has been developed alongside the TOGAF meta-model. ABACUS also provides an option which combines both TOGAF and ArchiMate.
TOGAF Meta-model and extensions including entity types, relationship types and attributes are split into sections for Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture and Technology Architecture. All entity types and relationship types have been named and defined as per the TOGAF specification.
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Including sample charts and dashboards with pre-configured collections of artifacts for different stakeholders.

  • TOGAF sample diagrams, catalogs and matrices, are provided for each of the ADM phases. Catalogs provide a tabular view of the data which can be round-tripped with MS Excel or Google Sheets or synchronized with MS SharePoint. Matrices can be exported to MS Excel, highlighted and filtered.
  • Also included is a reports engine, where customized reports can be defined and created, including an Architecture Description Deliverables report.
  • ABACUS constraints and validations ensure all content conforms to the TOGAF specification.
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