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ABACUS Cloud provides a purely browser-based experience. It’s not just cloud-based servers. It’s not just a cloud-based repository. Bypass installation headaches and enjoy complete access to every feature of ABACUS through your browser. Get on with modeling and transforming your enterprise.


  • Use our cloud-based SaaS enterprise architecture tool to provide the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Model using your favorite framework incl. TOGAF, ArchiMate, BIAN, BPMN – in your browser
  • Zero client install and configuration. Compatible with any HTML5 browser
  • Design metamodels, run analytics, plan your enterprise roadmaps – in your browser
  • Getting information into ABACUS Cloud is easy. Use simple ‘drag and drops’ from your desktop through the browser user interface.

ABACUS Cloud provides a high performance HTML5 web app for enterprise architects and other practitioners. Users can enjoy completely secure access to ABACUS from any device. Simply login to your ABACUS Cloud workspace and start diagraming and roadmapping. Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues across time-zones and locations. No need to install any extensions or to configure your device.

ABACUS Cloud is OS-agnostic and works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and any HTML5 compatible browser.


A powerful browser-based experience

Digital Business Collaboration with ABACUS

ABACUS Cloud is a fully provisioned EA suite that doesn’t require any additional components, extensions, plugins or other tools. Simply log in or authenticate using your organizational access method for complete functionality. Leveraging server-side processing power, ABACUS liberates IT from hardware refreshes and application upgrades. This reduces costs and provides a superior user experience. Users work in the ABACUS Cloud HTML5 browser-based environment, interacting with their own dedicated or multi-tenanted server.



ABACUS Cloud Features

Modeling with ABACUS
Modeling and Roadmapping
ABACUS cloud allows architects to have market-leading modeling functionality at their fingertips. Design business, application and technology layers and map-out current and future state architectures; anytime, anywhere.
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Communicate with ABACUS
Communicate Using Rich Data Visualizations
Communicate to key stakeholders with rich, dynamic visualizations in the cloud. Using interactive charts, matrices, diagrams, asset timelines, lifecycles, treemaps, heatmaps and 3D views.
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Digital Collaboration
Powerful Collaboration Features
Small and large teams can work seamlessly on a shared repository across multiple locations and time zones. Assign user roles and permissions, view audit trails. Plus, SSO and AD integration.
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Digital Portfolio Management with ABACUS
Digital Portfolio Management
Streamline data handling and access, by managing your portfolios and metadata in the cloud. Access and contribute data via browser-based tables.
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Configure and Adjust in your browser
Configure and Adjust in Your Browser
Model using your favorite notations including TOGAF, ArchiMate and BPMN - in your browser. Tailor frameworks with drag-and-drops, modify metamodels with new types, attributes, standards and notations.
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Integrate Data with ABACUS
Integrate Data in Minutes
Manage data in various external lists such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Sheets and sync with ABACUS Cloud. Leverage current data from ServiceNow and BDNA Technopedia to ensure models are accurate and up-to-date.
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The leading enterprise modeling tool in the cloud

ABACUS is ranked by analysts, architects, and IT strategists as a leading tool for modeling and analytics. ABACUS Cloud users can access all of the tool’s features within the browser-based environment. The core principles for information security management, as defined by world-leading standards have been adapted to the requirements of ABACUS for a completely secure working environment. 

Built for Enterprise Architects...
We developed ABACUS so you can choose the methods and frameworks that work for your enterprise and deliver insights and value quickly.
...by Enterprise Architects...
Developed by a worldwide team of Enterprise Architects, ABACUS allows you to take advantage of best-in-class modeling and roadmapping. Plus analytics based on peer-reviewed algorithms refined over 25 years of industry usage.
...to deliver results
ABACUS Cloud is designed so you can focus on what matters the most: transforming your enterprise. Modeling architectures, developing business-responsive digital strategy, planning, analyzing, predicting and communicating.

To find out more or to schedule a demonstration please contact us via website, email or phone