Digital Portfolio Management

Decision support for digital strategy


Digital Portfolios in ABACUS provide data owners and stakeholders across your operation with the ability to manage and update their own data using browser-based catalogs. These catalogs synchronize directly with the architecture repository, avoiding extract-transform-load issues, and time-consuming data-handling.

Bring architectural rigour to digital transformation and business strategy.

ABACUS Digital Portfolios are browser-based catalogs and dashboards. Data owners across the business can navigate through digital business information in the central repository, and quickly edit and update catalogs. Present your data by setting up customized dashboards and reports.

  • Enjoy streamlined authentication and login with SSO and Open ID.
  • Manage portfolios of assets, applications, technology, processes, people, resources etc., in-browser.
  • Communicate about digital assets and projects using dashboards, mini-reports with KPIs, timelines, scorecards, project planning charts, diagrams and drill-downs.
  • Use this digital operations intelligence to create accurate architectural models and diagrams.
  • Administrators can configure catalogs, set up fine-grained permissions and generate change logs.
  • Multiple users can co-author catalogs with changes visible in real-time.
  • Embed digital portfolios in Microsoft Teams and other workplace social software for easy access

ABACUS is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment.


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Digital Portfolios and dashboards in ABACUS Enterprise

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