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Digital Transformation & Strategy Leaders can connect and visualize enterprise data in ABACUS. Ensure your company’s business strategies move forward in tandem with the transformation of its technology core.

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Bring together business objectives, financial metrics, processes, and IT architecture. Then build roadmaps to deliver the technology and infrastructure necessary to hit company goals.

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Guide Digital Business Planning With Data & Metrics

Being able to calculate costs and other metrics based on connected data from across your organization is fundamental to a well executed business transformation. And being able to accurately calculate how changes to ICT, infrastructure landscapes and business systems are likely to affect these metrics is truly empowering. ABACUS is a tool which enables both.

The ABACUS software suite is used by Digital Transformation & Strategy Leaders across a range of industry sectors including finance, consumer, government, education, transport, infrastructure and healthcare.

Business Cases & Roadmaps for Strategic Transformation
  • Centralize and collaborate on data using browser-editable lists and dashboards, embedded in MS Teams, Slack, etc.
  • Identify costs, risks, gaps and opportunities, by connecting data from across your organization
  • Assess budget expenditure, resource cost allocation, skills utilization and competency demand
  • Use Strategic Planning frameworks available in ABACUS including OMG’s Business Motivational Model (BMM), TOGAF, ArchiMate and Balance Scorecard
  • Design analytics to predict how strategies will impact Cost and Risk and technical metrics such as Performance and Availability

With ABACUS you can also set up automated reports (eg. quality assurance, data protection & data privacy, technology & infrastructure landscapes and cost and risk scoring) and communicate technology strategy with tailored stakeholder views: scenario analysis options, roadmaps and dashboards

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Digital transformation aligns customer behaviors and technology to solve common problems across your organization.

Done well, you can create a seamless customer interaction and maintainable operating process; turning your digital strategy into a successful business strategy. Done badly, customers become dissatisfied, internal comms break down, and what seemed like a solution has now become the problem.

Watch this webinar and discover how using the TOGAF® standard can enhance your digital transformation strategy.

Import Data in ABACUS
Import existing company data quickly and easily from Excel, Visio, SharePoint etc.
Calculate Costs with ABACUS
Build financial models to calculate Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Run scenario analysis with metrics including Performance, Alignment, Cost and Availability
Use bespoke dashboards and visualizations to report and make recommendations

Delivering Architecture and Strategy Missions

How can ABACUS provide value to my organization?

Connecting and analysing digital strategy and technology information is key to confident, informed decision making.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Success

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