Winner & Finalists: Forrester EA Award

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Congratulations to Avolution ABACUS clients on topping the 2023 Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards (APAC). We’re proud to support your teams!


The Forrester analyst writes: “The three finalists for this award show how excellent EA organizations drive both internal and external value.” Forrester partners with The Open Group on the awards.

Finalist CLP Power Hong Kong provides electricity to more than 80% of Hong Kong’s population. The EA team at CLP have set up a system where domain architects sit alongside digital teams. Architects provide expertise in areas such as data, security, integration and infrastructure, and in the process, build out a set of core business capabilities.

By crafting business capabilities and reusable architecture components the architecture team at CLP are not just updating their application landscape, they’re creating digital building blocks which set the organization up for growth, one reusable component at a time.

They are “proactively influencing and improving the company’s strategic development and planning. This includes end-to-end technology portfolio management and architectural recommendations to the CDO and CIO on the synergies available through shared platforms and technology rationalization.”

Winner Union Bank of the Philippines, a publicly listed universal bank, aims to empower all Filipinos to participate in the formal financial system.

“The bank has succeeded in closing this gap by doubling its retail customer base to 10 million users, a change largely owed to a digital transformation grounded in a strong enterprise architecture foundation,” writes Forrester.

“As part of the digital transformation, EA has been key in:

  • Developing artifacts that tangibly support analysis, which improves the bank’s strategic planning and investment processes. The result has been strong business backing for EA and the transformation itself, which saw the bank’s volume of digital transactions swell from 15 million in 2020 to 150 million in 2022.
  • Introducing composable platform architectures, like the bank’s retail loans engine, that allow product groups to swap different platform components to create new products in an agile manner. Among these is the platform that enables digital account opening (a first in the Philippines), through which 2 million new accounts have been established since 2020.
  • Establishing a dedicated risk architecture that anchors the bank’s infrastructure resilience. This meant that early in the COVID-19 lockdown, the bank was able to roll out a solution where account holders could send money to relatives from its app via remittance centers, which are ubiquitous even in isolated Filipino communities.”

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