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67% of countries embarked on EA program to improve interoperability between government entities.
– Baker & Selamat

Leading Enterprise Architecture and Roadmapping

Governments use ABACUS to:

Deliver Leading Digital Strategy 

Avolution has over 20 years of experience supporting government architecture and transformation worldwide. 

ABACUS is available a range of deployment options tailored for government requirements, including cloud-based (SaaS), on-prem and hybrid deployments. We work with:

  • Central & Federal Governments 
  • State Government (inc State Medicaid Authorities)
  • City Councils and Local Government 
  • Government Agencies & Authorities  
  • Public Sector Architects (inc. military, law enforcement, infrastructure) 
Avolution ABACUS Enterprise Architecture
Application transformation dashboard in ABACUS enterprise architecture

Improve Modernization & Transformation

Modernization begins with architecture, which provides a baseline for the current state across people, processes and technology infrastructure.

With support from ABACUS, government architects can outline blueprints for future states and digital transformation, incl. assessing scenario options and building roadmaps to meet organizational goals.   

Organizations can track legacy IT and infrastructure upgrades, within a governance structure which allows teams to report regularly on costs, risks and project progress and accountability 

Government Enterprise Architecture Frameworks:

Government frameworks and metamodels provide structures and standards which allow architects to quickly document and align IT and organizational goals. Frameworks available in ABACUS include: 

Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)
DoDAF framework
Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - Cobit an ISACA Framework
COBIT5 framework
MoDAF framework
NIST framework
MITA Framework
MITA framework

Other frameworks available include TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN.

Practitioners can configure, adapt or combine frameworks and metamodels in ABACUS using “drag-and-drop” commands. 

Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
in Government:

Architecture Repository

Integrate data from operational systems including details of applications, infrastructure details, processes and capabilities.

Self-service access and editing rights can be set up in ABACUS, providing data owners with permissions so they can maintain information easily. 

DoDAF Benefits of Enterprise Architecture in Government

Above: The DoDAF Defence Architecture Framework in enterprise architecture tool ABACUS 

Current State Architecture Views

Create visual models and diagrams to show the interaction between data, systems and infrastructure.

Understand business processes, capabilities, and data flows and relationships between technology and applications. 

Future State Architectures

Map out and compare future state options for scenario analysis, gap analysis and impact analysis. 

Webinar: We cover methods of modeling different states, best practices for analyzing scenarios and assessing impacts of strategies, and how to simulate events at micro and macro level

Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022

Avolution recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 6th Year in a Row.

ABACUS also received highest scores for all 5 use-cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Architecture Tools.

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Achieve Higher Levels of Efficiency, Transparency & Collaboration with

Customizable, Browser-Based Dashboards

Gantt Charts in ABACUS Dashboards

Leading Modeling & Roadmaps

Set out detailed roadmaps to track the transformation of each domain from the current state to its target state.

Automated Gantt chart views in ABACUS help to keep stakeholders engaged and updated with project progress. 


Monitoring Metrics and KPIs, With Ease

Automate calculations such as cost and important technical metrics.

Use risk algorithms to identify which critical processes may not be resourced sufficiently or may need management. 

ABACUS Visual Algorithm Composer

Reporting Using Dynamic Dashboards

Include application catalogs, infrastructure diagrams, business processes, cost allocation and other KPIs, Gantt charts and other data visualizations

Powerful And Versatile Product With Great Support

“This product is very versatile yet the learning curve for this product is quite reasonable. I found it easy to work with and a responsive and powerful tool for mapping and building our architecture. Being effectively object based meant being able to choose how to enter and edit data in a number of different ways while still maintaining a single dataset. I enjoyed the powerful tools to visually build dependencies.”

– Government, Enterprise Architect (Gartner Peer Insights)

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Supporting Government Digital Business

City of Amsterdam: Consolidating Silod Government EA into a Central Source of Truth

To support the ongoing digitalization of local government in an effective and timely manner, architects benefit from a shared knowledge base. This presentation will provide insight in the ongoing journey of the architecture team of the City of Amsterdam towards this goal.


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