Data Control, Privacy, and Security for Architects

Global CIOs and their teams need to think holistically about data governance. Building trust and demonstrating compliance with local and international laws and regulations is becoming a key part of strong enterprise architecture.

Why are data ecosystems important for enterprise architecture teams?  Enterprise Architects need to be able to provide up-to-date and end-to-end information about data flows and storage of personal information across departments, processes, and systems. They need to understand who holds decision rights and accountabilities how that information can be used.

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Managing sensitive data well ensures organizations can:
  • Gain visibility of, and be proactive about data flows and data-management
  • Ensure integrity of datasets and insights
  • Minimise risk of fines or sanctions
  • Protect corporate security and reputation
  • Enable the flow of anonymized key data as a resource
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Legislation governing data management globally includes:
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“You’ve got to show you have control of data governance, both as a company operating in the finance sector, and when handling personal data under GDPR. In ABACUS, we can identify the systems with sensitive personal information.”

Chief Architect, KLP (Financial Services)

Read how KLP streamline compliance and strategic planning

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Build A Data Management Strategy to Protect Privacy and Personal Data Records

ABACUS supports data privacy compliance by providing the data management environment needed to centralize and model and analyze data:

  • Audit information: connect the tools your organization uses via APIs, build integrations with SharePoint, databases and CMDBs, and leverage existing EA catalogs using Excel roundtripping, to speed this process. Ensure users business-wide can update changes easily using collaborative data management.
  • Model interdependencies and data flows: including process, information and technology interdependencies. Be guided by frameworks to develop an interconnected map of the company’s systems, applications, business capabilities and processes, and how they support departments and critical projects
  • Prioritize data by risk and value: taking into account sensitivity, volume and type of data and any known security vulnerabilities. Set up algorithms to keep your risk-scoring current.
GDPR Dashboard Information Data Entries
  • Discover Shadow IT: Use algorithms in ABACUS to make inferences about the existence of Shadow IT data (unauthorized and “invisible” data).
  • Report: Set up interactive dashboards and automate compliance reports. Use charts, heatmaps, matrices and flowcharts to explain current and future states: impact of compliance violations, costs of compliance and the financial risks of non-compliance
  • Roadmaps for strong compliance and innovation: build an enterprise architecture roadmap for any remediation or updates required. Set these to update as projects progress.

ABACUS also provides strong functionality for enterprise architects managing and modeling cybersecurity risks and threats.

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