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Lead Business Innovation. Being positioned at the heart of digital business, Enterprise Architects need to efficiently assess new opportunities and technologies, supported by well integrated data.

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Understand Business Goals & Objectives

Establish stakeholders for each goal and determine the best form of communication.

> Work with CIOs, CEOs and executives to scope customer experience (CX) improvements, requirements and goals

> Collect, store and manage ideas via browser-based lists and forms in a secure ABACUS repository. Use ‘Smart match’ Natural Language Processing to avoid duplication

> ABACUS’ collaboration features and integrations support socialization and circulation of ideas to team members

Prioritization & Permissions

ABACUS helps draw connections between customer experience improvements, business outcomes, ideas and technology.

  • Set permissions to govern access, editing and approval of ideation data according to role, etc.
  • Enables prioritization of ideas using weighted-sum assessments for each option considered
  • Pattern libraries can be exploited, leveraging relationships between ideas and business outcomes to automatically calculate scores and suggest which ideas have higher value
  • Approval, review and escalation workflows can be set-up using roles, permissions and validations

Selecting a framework, that works

Select or design a framework for classifying and managing innovation data: stages, scoring, recommendations and roadmapping dates. 

Not sure how to chose an enterprise architecture framework which best suits your company? Read our guide below:

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Collaborate, Evaluate and Approve

Discuss and collaborate on ideas using co-authoring, notifications, chat integrations and voting.

  • Evaluate and approve ideas using approvals processes, notifications and chat integrations
  • Create and assign tasks in ABACUS, set up automated alerts for stakeholders
  • Embed ideation data and dashboards in workplace social software such as MS Teams.
  • Execute projects using Kanban boards, DevOps and Agile approaches, plus integrate with MS Planner
  • Collaborate seamlessly on projects with changes updated in real-time
Starting a new conversation in Microsoft Teams directly in your Browser Based Dashboard
Creating a filtered dashboard in ABACUS Enterprise and sending the pre-selected filter to a colleague or stakeholder directly in the broswer-based dashboard via Teams
Visualize Impacts & Outcomes

Create filtered dashboards to focus stakeholders on important data, impacts and outcomes.

  • Set up focused dashboards for:
    • CFO/Finance Manager, to visualize cost attribution, financials, ROI vs TCO
    • Chief Enterprise Architect and EA teams to plan current state architectures, target and future state architectures, what-if scenarios
    • Projects Managers/PMO to monitor financials, business outcomes, impacts
  • Save filters in dashboard URLs, to then provide these pre-filtered dashboards to users and stakeholders
Explore the Power of Algorithms

Use algorithms to provide impact analysis and insights for your innovation strategy.

  • Gather time-to-market and feasibility scores, and see how they impact on recommendations
  • Use application portfolio algorithms to calculate Business Fit & Technical Fit
  • Assemble quantitative data to test whether ideas should be progressed to projects
  • Move projects through stage gates according to key metrics
  • Generate signature-ready deliverables, including PDF-ready reports or bespoke dashboards
Automating Enterprise Calculations with Algorithms

Streamline innovation management with ABACUS.

If you would like to find out more and see whether ABACUS is a good fit for your IT strategy, please contact us below.

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