A Tool For Expert Project & Portfolio Management

Lean and centralized application portfolios and well-run projects gives your business a competitive advantage. They are also at the heart of effective digital transformation.

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Bridge The Gap Between IT & Business Data

As a tool which captures both IT and business data, ABACUS provides a ready-to-go solution for Project & IT Portfolio Management (PPM).

Take control of lists of applications, infrastructure, projects and processes.

  • Use editable cloud-based catalogs to centralize and link up enterprise data
  • Engage with the wider organisation, empowering data owners to capture and manage their data
  • Embed catalogs and dashboards in MS Teams and other workplace social software for easy access and updates
Leading Enterprise Architecture Tool Collaboration

Use data to visualize and plan, and to calculate how technical investments map to the company’s business strategy.

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Drill-Down and Manage Projects Using Interactive Gantt Charts

Project Managers can quickly and easily visualize roadmaps and track timelines or key dates for projects, technology, risks, and more.

  • Explore life-cycle properties and drill down into details, in your browser-based dashboards
  • Charts update automatically and in real-time as users make changes
  • Add to any dashboard using the interactive chart selector
  • Share and collaborate on data with your team and stakeholders

Enterprise Architecture for Project Management

Import Data in ABACUS
Integrate existing company data quickly from Excel, Visio, SharePoint etc.
Understand Business Value with ABACUS
Build a Portfolio inventory
Analyze data with ABACUS
Analyze costs, risks, flexibility, complexity
Align your business strategy
Align portfolios with business strategy
Enterprise Architecture Dashboards
Use pre-configured PPM dashboards and other visuals such as Gantt charts to make recommendations

Use ABACUS to gain:

  • Cloud-based management of portfolios: application lists, asset registers, processes etc, supporting remote work and collaboration
  • Continual visibility of real-time enterprise data for cost calculations, scenario analysis and risk mitigation
  • Calculate and visualise Business Fit and Technical Fit
  • Logs and permissions to ensure business and technology compliance
  • ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.

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