Effective Requirements Management

Capturing & Modeling Business Requirements

ABACUS accelerates the Requirements Management process, providing a fully provisioned environment for capturing and analyzing business requirements.  By centralizing information and producing detailed models, users can understand trace-ability of requirements and ensure tight project management.

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Requirements Planning & Analysis

ABACUS offers Requirements Managers a range of tools for designing solutions, understanding the impact of technical and business changes, and communicating these to stakeholders:


Experience 100+ modeling techniques available out-of-the-box in ABACUS.

Incl. frameworks such as TOGAF, Unified Modeling Language (UML), ArchiMate and SysML, Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Event-driven Process Chains (EPC), Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO), Business Motivation Model (BMM), Business Model Canvas and PESTLE.

TOGAF and ABACUS Metamodel
Leading Enterprise Architecture Tool Dashboard with Diagram


Evaluate solution options and models using analytics. Automate your calculations by setting up algorithms .

ABACUS offers pre-built financial analysis such as TCO, ROI or cost attribution, and technical algorithms for monitoring Reliability, Availability, Complexity and Security metrics etc. Or set up your own bespoke calculations using no-code algorithms.


Communicate to technical and business teams by designing dashboards with your key information.

These might include project plans and interactive Gantt charts, cost calculations, diagrams, treemaps and Graph Views for exploring dependencies and impacts.

Starting a new conversation in Microsoft Teams directly in your Browser Based Dashboard
Using the TOGAF Standard to Support Strategic Planning

This presentation provides a practical overview of TOGAF assets plus examples of how the TOGAF standard is used to drive business and technology planning. It covers cost reduction, risk mitigation and business process management initiatives.

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