Effective Requirements Management

ABACUS Requirement Management

Capturing and modeling business requirements

ABACUS accelerates the Requirements Management process, providing a fully provisioned environment for capturing and analyzing business requirements.  By centralizing information and producing detailed models, users can understand traceability of requirements and ensure tight project management.

Managers can choose from a wide range of modeling techniques available out-of-the-box in ABACUS. These include frameworks such as TOGAF, Unified Modeling Language (UML), ArchiMate and SysML, and also Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Event-driven Process Chains (EPC), Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO), UML, Business Motivation Model (BMM) and Business Model Canvas.

In addition, ABACUS offers Requirements Managers the ability to evaluate models using analytics and algorithms. These leverage equational, structural, discrete-event and Monte-Carlo techniques. Metrics available include:

  • Financial (e.g. Total Cost of Ownership/TCO, ROI, NPV)
  • Technical (e.g. Resource Utilization, Response Times, Availabilities, Complexity, Re-Use
  • Environmental (e.g. Carbon Footprint, Resource Re-use, Sustainability, Heat & Power Consumption)

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