TOGAF Certifications Pass 100K Worldwide

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The number of enterprise architects certified for the TOGAF® 9 standard from the Open Group has now passed the 100,000 milestone.

This includes professionals from 149 countries. Countries with high growth rates in certifications included India, France, UK and Singapore.

TOGAF is a globally recognized set of methodologies for managing systems and processes in large enterprises. It is managed by The Open Group, with two levels of certifications TOGAF 9 Foundation Level 1 and Level 2 certification. The TOGAF Certification Program includes accredited training courses and exams.

Avolution’s Dr Tim O’Neill, an enterprise architect who has worked with the TOGAF standard for over 10 years said:

“In current market conditions, more than ever, architects need to move quickly to provide day-to-day and week-to-week data-driven advice, roadmaps and strategic planning.

“The popularity of frameworks is partly down to the huge increase in data, technology and business processes needed to run a modern enterprise. Frameworks can be a real accelerant when they provide patterns, terminology and deliverables which can avoid “start-from-scratch” delays.

“TOGAF provides both a starting point and building blocks for architects. It includes standards which help describe, progress and communicate about systems and business outcomes in large enterprises.

“Some architects choose to use the step-by-step approach provided in the TOGAF Architecture Development Method quite closely.

“But TOGAF’s recognition of “agile” approaches also allows a more selective approach. It’s also increasingly popular to combine TOGAF concepts with other domain- or industry-specific frameworks such as BIAN for banking and finance, APQC for insurance or SABSA for cybersecurity. Frameworks are most effective when they adapt to the business and to the priorities of the architects using them.”

Architects can also accelerate their use of TOGAF with a tool certified to support the latest version of the framework, such as Avolution’s ABACUS. Architects often choose to combine the guiding methodology of TOGAF for modeling the Business, Application, Data and Technology levels of the enterprise with data-driven and agile methodologies also available in ABACUS*.

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Avolution’s ABACUS is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick, powerful enterprise architecture and digital business strategy. ABACUS helps architects to lighten their data workload and to motivate stakeholders to set priorities and take action. Collaborate on data by using simple editable cloud-based lists with permissions to maintain data quality, and machine learning to fill out incomplete datasets.  Use integrations with popular software such as SharePoint, Excel, Visio, Google Sheets, Technopedia and MS Teams. Build models and roadmaps, run analytics, algorithms and report with rich business-relevant and data-driven dashboards. Assemble tailored stakeholder dashboards by selecting charts, heatmaps, treemaps, KPI portlets to show cost or technical metrics, process diagrams and graph views.

ABACUS also supports more than 100 frameworks, including TOGAF, ArchiMate and BPMN and allows architects to easily combine or customise frameworks and metamodels.

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