Optimism for change as enterprise architects step up digital leadership

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The need for visibility of enterprise architecture is high in 2022 as companies continue to manage complex digital ecosystems, security and political risks and growth goals. IT budgets are also about to hit a tipping point, with cloud due to count for over 50% of IT spending around 2025.

CIOs and boards know they need good visibility into IT usage and costs. The key first step is accurate portfolios of technology, applications and systems, both cloud and on-premise. 

Avolution’s Dr Tim O’Neill said:

“Many organizations have ticked off straightforward cloud migrations and are tackling wholesale business transformation and complex legacy systems. These architectures are often not as easy to relocate, redesign or refactor. 

“Enterprise architects themselves are in high demand and business leaders understand the need to protect their time for priority tasks including cost and risk analysis, scenario modelling, roadmapping and strategy meetings. 

“We’re also seeing increasing focus on security, and many architects are focusing on organizational risk analysis and adopting cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST or SABSA.” 

O’Neill says that increased enterprise architecture workloads can be assisted by two things.  

Firstly, ensuring ownership of data management and process modelling tasks are in the hands of data owners across the enterprise who can quickly update a description in a browser-based list or adjust a web-based diagram. 

Secondly, by automating enterprise architecture.

Automate calculations of key analytics with algorithms, automate diagram layout, automate incomplete data management with machine learning, automate data updates with APIs and integrations.  

The focus for updates to Avolution’s ABACUS enterprise architecture platform is on automation, security and user experience. Updates include: 

  • Quicker on-demand loading of files and dashboards. The most dramatic speed improvements will be for multinationals with very large repositories 
  • Updates to popular cybersecurity frameworks provided in ABACUS (NIST, SABSA) 
  •  New AWS and Azure shapes and icons. These shape libraries can be used by Solution and Enterprise Architects to create cloud and business architecture diagrams 
  • User Experience improvements which make data catalogs, roadmaps, diagrams and dashboards easier to access, understand and edit, across the whole enterprise 
  • Permissions enhancements, enabling administrators to view and update access or editing rights for multiple user groups at the same time 
  • Better experiences for screen reader users, with improvements to accessibility attributes such as audio announcements, labels, and alt-text  

Diagrams in ABACUS are fully integrated with the data repository, so updates to process models and other diagrams automatically flow through and remain consistent when users make changes. 

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About Avolution 

Avolution produces ABACUS, for quick, powerful enterprise architecture and digital strategy. Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, ABACUS also supports digital business collaboration, planning and analysis: 

  • Integrate data, collaborate with editable cloud-based diagrams, lists and dashboards, 
  • Build models + roadmaps, run analytics, report with rich visuals 
  • Use no-code algorithms and machine learning to fast-track data-management and decision making 

ABACUS is available as a browser-based SaaS tool or for hybrid or on-premise deployments. 

Enquiries: Communications Manager, Avolution E: [email protected] or visit www.avolutionsoftware.com   

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