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Features & Enhancements:


Quicker Access to Diagrams and Data

Diagram and data updates flow through automatically, with a fully integrated & connected architecture

  • Compose web-editable diagrams with existing elements using Smart Search to avoid duplication or use architect defined stencils  
  • Simple single-click on a diagram boxes now give a web-editable form with both dropdowns and freeform text edits for detailed property changes
  • Switch easily between desktop and web-based apps with “Open in Enterprise/Open in Desktop” buttons
  • Involve other modelers in the organisation such as PMO Office, BPM etc. in the enterprise architecturedirectly through web-based diagrams 
Editable Dashboards and Enterprise Models in ABACUS Enterprise

Visual Filtering Enhancements on Dynamic Diagrams

Zero in on subsets of operating processes, capabilities, and applications for quick visual impact analysis

  • Filter according to properties such as cost and risk or provide an instant view of second order effects across all views and diagrams
  • Highlight high-risk applications and then check in on key business process and business capability diagrams to understand dependencies
  • Filter according to processes which are being redesigned, or applications which are located in a particular country 

Experience Pixel-Perfect Clarity

Explore and analyse diagrams online with greater definition: Business Process Models, Workflows, Sequence Diagrams, Information Architectures, Network Diagrams Application Interface, Disaster Recovery, Strategy and Organization Charts, Business Capability Maps & Value Chains, Customer Journey Maps and Gantt Charts.

Familiar map-like controls including pan and zoom make it easier to navigate and focus. “Zoom to Fit” automatically resizes diagrams in portlets whilst retaining pixel-perfect clarity.

ABACUS Enterprise Architecture Pixel Perfect graphics

Improved Catalog Control

Enhancements to configuring and editing catalogs in-browser. Personalize changes or create ‘global’ repository updates for all users.

  • Sorting, width and heading alignment can be personalized in your own view
  • Design catalogs, add, adjust, rename and re-order columns
  • Freeze columns for easier scrolling, align text, adjust colors/heatmaps, set filters
  • Global changes can update to your repository in real-time, ensuring consistency
  • Data quality & governance improvements: set properties as required, enforced or optional
Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Dashboard in ABACUS 8
Fresh UI and Dashboard Design in ABACUS 8

Fresh Dashboard Design & UI

Updates to notations, shapes, icons and color for visually pleasing dashboards and diagrams. Plus subtle changes to layout, labeling and menus to improve usability.

  • Green to blue color scheme and rounded portlets
  • Chart and diagram color and shapes in diagrams all continue to be customizable, and can be easily converted from Visio
  • Updated libraries of shapes and icons (e.g. Server, Network Element, Database, etc.)

Strategize, Model & Analyze, Anywhere

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Standards & Frameworks Updates

Accelerate your enterprise architecture with industry standards and templates, all included as-standard with ABACUS. Latest updates include:

  • PESTLE for business, economic and social scenario analysis
  • SABSA security framework
  • NIST Cybersecurity framework
  • BIAN 8.0
  • Bizbok 8.5
  • PCF Retail & City Government, DoDAF, IT4IT and more.

ABACUS supports over 100 frameworks out-of-the-box.

Automated Enterprise Architecture Diagrams

Diagram Auto-Layout Improvements

Choose from orthogonal, hierarchical, circular, balloon, tree radial and series-parallel layout algorithms

  • More precise layouts depending on the type used
  • Easily change from hierarchical to tree layout for different audiences
  • Less time spent laying out diagrams manually
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