Guide Business Architecture With Models & Metrics

Manage change with a business architecture tool & techniques

Set up dashboards showing how business capabilities, business processes, customer journeys and technologies are connected. Identify dependencies and impacts, and show how changes can improve business outcomes.

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Business Architecture Customer Journey Map


Model business architectures and present analysis:

  • Business Capability Maps to visualize core business functions and map out change
  • Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to communicate process flows clearly
  • Customer Journey Maps to model and identify touchpoints and pain points in the customer journey
  • Value Streams to capture and visualize key activities that deliver value


Use business architecture tools and reference models

Templates and frameworks can fast track architecture work. Options available in ABACUS include:

Connect Data, Diagrams & Models

Centralize data in your architecture repository with our integrations and API.

  • Connect Visio, UML and BPMN diagrams and Excel data so they¬†stay linked
  • Edit and share data and diagrams in browser editable dashboards, keeping information up to date
  • Model business, application and technology views
  • Set up dashboards to automate reporting of progress and metrics

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Guide: Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Process Modeling:

Business Process Modeling & Management is used to improve businesses in a competitive market. Read our guide to achieving a unified approach, brining together architecture and process modeling:

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Model Architecture with ABACUS
Model and analyze business processes using a standard notations
Configure enterprise meta-models
Select a metamodel or notation. Configure and set constraints as you require in-house.
Perform Stimulation
Present a range of views and analysis, including business, application, data and technology views
Report with Rich DataViz in ABACUS
Design and evaluate business capabilities and processes. Assess scenario options
Enterprise Architecture Dashboards
Report using dashboards which display real-time data

 Streamline Your Business Architecture Modeling

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