Business Architecture

Guide Business Architecture With Data & Metrics

Effective Business Architects advise executives on improving processes and maintaining a competitive edge.

Set up business-friendly dashboards showing how capabilities, processes and technologies are connected. Identify dependencies and impacts, and present data-driven analysis of how changes can improve business outcomes.

Architects can navigate through business and technical data, and run analysis to to provide expert advice.

ABACUS ships with industry best-practice reference models which can serve as templates for your own modeling. Notations and frameworks available include:

For ease of usage, ABACUS users can embed their dashboards in workplace platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Showcasing the BPMN Framework in ABACUS EA Tool
Model Architecture with ABACUS
Model and analyze business processes using a variety of notations
Configure enterprise meta-models
Select or configure an enterprise-specific metamodel or notation. Set constraints to guide users and ensure consistency
Perform Stimulation
Perform simulations to identify bottlenecks and improvements
Report with Rich DataViz in ABACUS
Design and evaluate new business processes using multiple scenarios
Enterprise Architecture Dashboards
Report using bespoke dashboards which display real-time business processes information
Use ABACUS to gain:
  • Modeling and flow-charting with popular business process modeling notations
  • Use algorithms and analytics to test how the process will run. Identify bottle-necks, check reliability, trouble-shoot your processes prior to implementation
  • ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.

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