Transformation and Architecture in Australia with FromHereOn and ABACUS

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Leading Enterprise Architecture Tool Provider, Avolution, partners with Global Transformation Consultancy FromHereOn. 

 3 October 2023 

Software provider Avolution is pleased to announce its official Professional Services Partnership with FromHereOn, a global business transformation and architecture consulting firm.  

With over 20 years of experience working at the intersection of business strategy, technology and architecture, FromHereOn has established itself as a direction-setter in the industry, collaborating with leading financial services, education, government, telecommunications & infrastructure clients. 

FromHereOn will use Avolution’s market-leading tool suite, ABACUS to meet the needs of their clients with quick, responsive business design and enterprise architecture guidance: 

  • Defining customer journeys, service portfolios and service blueprints 
  • Redesigning operating models 
  • Assessing business capabilities and using critical capability analysis to prioritise projects 
  • Planning transformations, transitions and roadmaps 
  • Understanding current states and the impact of future state scenarios 
  • Providing analysis and visualisations to communicate change 

These resources will equip FromHereOn to deliver their industry-leading method for strategic enterprise architecture and business design, in a scalable fashion, while also providing clients new options for obtaining Architecture as a Service with optional repository curation.  

Galen White, Consulting Director and Education Practice Lead said:

“Our team assessed the ABACUS platform carefully, and recognised that the combination of powerful out-of-the-box features, combined with an underlying graph database and flexible and scriptable framework, meant that we could deliver our strategic business design services faster, and with higher degrees of automation. ABACUS also enables us to easily provide thorough analyses for clients that rely on robust planning data and insight to guide critical business decisions. 

“ABACUS provides roadmapping, scenarios and visualisations, and the capability to do analysis such as sophisticated cost and risk roll ups. We also needed to ensure our architecture consultants can easily tailor the tool repository, the metamodel and many other aspects, to deliver precisely tuned outcomes for our clients.  

“We know ABACUS is recognised globally for its ability to capture and connect these multiple levels within each specific business: from strategies, to services, to business capabilities and processes, through to the applications, data and technology that underpin operations.  

“For companies planning their next phase of growth, this ability to design their future, and maintain an up-to-date view of impacts on complex digital and physical infrastructure is key.” 

Architecture teams can all work off a common underlying graph database repository in ABACUS so that models stay refreshed, updated and visible to all who need them. Architects and business consultants who work with designers, process managers and agile builders, can use online diagramming and data integrations in ABACUS for digital whiteboarding and portfolio management. 

Avolution Southeast Asia Region Manager, Liam Ryan said:

“For large organisations here in Australia, understanding complex business and technology landscapes, and the services they support and navigating the challenges and opportunities of the future, requires the guidance of experienced architects like those at FromHereOn. Architecture insights and industry leading practice are the foundation of effective change programs for the worlds’ most successful organisations.” 

Avolution also supports dedicated hosting in Australia. This provides customers in Australia with better performance, local regulation compliance, and adherence to data privacy and data security standards. 

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Avolution’s ABACUS is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick, powerful enterprise architecture and digital business strategy. ABACUS helps architects to lighten their data workload and to motivate stakeholders to set priorities and take action. Integrate and collaborate on data with editable cloud-based lists and diagrams, build models and roadmaps, run analytics and algorithms and report with rich visuals and dashboards. Avolution has offices worldwide, including Asia Pacific bases in Sydney and Singapore and is recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools.   

About FromHereOn 

FromHereOn is a business design, transformation and strategic architecture consultancy. We’re creating a new class of services firm that designs businesses from the perspective of the people we serve. Our outlook is optimistic, high energy, pragmatic and global. We believe, together with our clients, we can reimagine better businesses that create a greater and more positive impact on the world. Our method combines design thinking and strategic architecture techniques, enabling us to gather human and data-driven insights to design business transformation at any scale of enterprise from relatively small firms to globally omnipresent brands. Our process spans strategy development, value model design, business model innovation, service experience design and architecture, operating model design, transformation planning and roadmaps, through to program and project execution.

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