Building a Digital Twin with ABACUS

“Digital twins offer strong potential to achieve better insights on their objects and drive better decisions.” – Gartner

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Creating a Digital Twin for IoT

How do you manage and transform a structure of multiple interconnected business ecosystems, in real-time, whilst maintaining smooth operations?

ABACUS provides the data-integration and modeling platform which allows your team to create a dynamic software model of your organisation – a “digital twin” – to do this.  Use your data and virtual models to trace the links between technologies, applications and infrastructure. Plus, essential detail of how people and processes mesh with these in a complex, evolving system.

Use ABACUS as a Data Management and Insight Platform:

Model and analyze business operations, drawing a line of sight between capabilities, resources, and day-to-day operations.

  • Map customer interactions and journeys
  • Gain visibility into the technology and infrastructure supporting sales, distribution, services and information provision
  • Manage business performance: access project and program data to monitor progress, align with business outcomes and deliver value
  • Use predictive analytics and algorithms to assess a range of scenarios. (Quantify Risk, Security, Performance, Reliability, TCO and ROI etc.)
Automating Enterprise Calculations with Algorithms

IDC claims that businesses who invest in digital twin technology will see a 30 percent improvement in cycle times of critical processes including production lines. This is due to improved optimization thanks to digital twins.

Case Study: Constructing the Enterprise Digital Twin

Suncor Energy, a leading Canadian energy company, provides sustainable, trusted energy to millions each day. The architecture team at Suncor recognized the potential business value in creating a digital twin, or a virtual counterpart to their real-world system.

This presentation identifies best practices for incorporating a digital twin construction into existing business processes and how to find value across your organization.

How do I achieve a digital twin? This presentation addresses these key questions:

  • Linking Solution Architecture to Enterprise Architecture context?
  • How do I relate strategies through details of my model?
  • How do I incorporate data from different sources into a unified model?
  • Application Rationalization & Cost Reduction (with ServiceNow data)
  • How to integrate personas, employee experience and experience architecture, providing reporting & insights
  • Modeling processes & process hierarchies and defining common business data
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