Avolution Supports UML

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The library can be downloaded for free from the Avolution Community.

Dr Tim O’Neill (founder and Executive Director) said: “OMG’s UML is the de-facto standard for software architecture, but is also often used for business process modelling and data structure modelling.  With the ABACUS – UML library, this means that organisations who want to base their Enterprise or Solution Architectures on UML can utilise ABACUS, as well as Avolution’s training, professional services and partners, to do so. Furthermore, it is worth noting, that it took just a single day of ABACUS ‘right-clicks’ to build the UML library due to ABACUS’ unparalleled meta-modelling flexibility.”

For further details please contact Avolution Sales on [email protected]

About Avolution

Avolution provides the ABACUS® solution which is unique to the enterprise modelling space in that it can create multiple solution alternatives (architectures) and then run various simulations (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc) against each alternative for metrics such as Performance, Cost and Availability. In so doing it can recommend the optimal path for investment, with predictive and quantitative certainty. More information is available at www.avolutionsoftware.com.

  • Build any number of solution alternatives and views, all according to a completely flexible meta-model, importing from MS Visio, MS Excel and many other formats.
  • Analyse your architecture(s) for metrics such as; Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Performance, Availability, Agility and many more.
  • View the architecture(s) and the results of any evaluation using advanced techniques such as; 3D, heat maps, timelines, capability spaces and trade-off diagrams.
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