ABACUS Maintains #1 Position in Enterprise Architecture Tool Survey

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AVOLUTION, developer and supplier of software solutions for IT strategy, planning and enterprise modelling, today announced that its flagship Enterprise Architecture tool, ABACUS®, has been placed first in the latest Enterprise Architecture Tool Survey conducted by Enterprise Architecture (EA) specialist, Pragmatic EA.

Developer of the Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF), Pragmatic EA has undertaken this latest version of its industry survey between June and August 2013, comparing the Enterprise Architecture tools of nearly 30 software vendors. The evaluation criteria was extensive, covering: import / export options; diagram and view options; meta-model configuration; analysis techniques; repository management; and ease of use, as well as the ability of tools to perform these and other functions ‘out-of-the-box’ versus through configuration or customization.  With over 150 features assessed, ABACUS was the only tool fulfilling all of the criteria out-of-the-box, achieving the #1 ranking.

Dr Tim O’Neill, founder and principal of Avolution, said:

“We are extremely pleased with the result of this latest update to Pragmatic EA’s tool survey. This independent study is very well regarded throughout our industry, and provides an extremely insightful resource for any EA professional reviewing the EA tool market”

“For the third time in a row, this survey has confirmed that in a feature-based tool assessment, ABACUS comes out on top!”

You can read the full report at: http://www.pragmaticea.com/downloads.asp and Pragmatic EA members can freely download and tailor the scoring criteria.

For various demonstrations of ABACUS please visit Avolution’s YouTube page and to schedule a live demonstration please contact Avolution Sales on [email protected] and download your FREE trial below.




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About Avolution

Avolution provides the ABACUS® solution which is unique to the enterprise modelling space in that it can create multiple solution alternatives (architectures) and then run various simulations (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc) against each alternative for metrics such as Performance, Cost and Availability.  Being built on a completely agile, open and flexible XML-based hierarchical repository, ABACUS offers support for more frameworks than any other tool on the market, and users can create their own bespoke or hybrid repository meta-model through simple right-clicks and drag-and-drops in a matter of minutes.

About Pragmatic EA Ltd.

Pragmatic EA launched the Pragmatic EA Framework (PEAF) in November 2008 after many years of development. From a sea of EA noise and hype, PEAF “Cuts EA to the Bone” and provides a quick start toolkit necessary to begin and sustain an Enterprise Architecture initiative.

Pragmatic EA are committed to providing a no-nonsense EA framework which benefits organisations and government bodies on a global scale. This ethos is evident and pervasive within the Pragmatic EA Framework (PEAF) which reduces and distils what is needed out of the general EA background noise and hype, and provide the results in an easy to understand and utilise form.

The company was founded by Kevin Lee Smith after a professional career spanning 30 years performing various consulting engagements which have taken him across the globe from Europe and Africa to South East Asia and America.

Press Enquiries:

Renate Krelle, Communications Manager, Avolution (UK) Ltd.
Email: [email protected]

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