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ABACUS 7 has been carefully designed to make managing enterprise data and strategy easier than ever. Work together to offer analysis which is clear, memorable and highly relevant.

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Latest features in ABACUS 7 include:

Machine Learning Autocomplete Enhancement

Fill in missing or incomplete data using machine learning intelligence.

  • Upload a spreadsheet or pull in other data and watch as ABACUS predicts values in empty cells.
  • Accept or clear proposed values, using confidence scores to guide you.
  • Text, List, Date and Numeric Properties and Attachments can be inferred.
Machine Learning Autocomplete Enhancement in ABACUS 7
Graph View in ABACUS 7

Model Enterprise Relationships with Graph View 

Interact with data in your browser, across the enterprise.

  • Explore the enterprise graph of your organization in your browser.
  • View the immediate and extended connections of any element.
  • Expand and explore relationships across various degrees of separation.
  • See the whole and the parts with familiar icons representing architecture content.
Imagine if you could see what something would look like before you change it? This is what every digital transformation and future state architecture involves. In ABACUS 7 users can explore technical and business scenarios with Graph View and interactive Gantt charts.

Interactive Gantt Charts for Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps

Quickly and easily visualize roadmaps and track timelines or key dates for projects, technology, risks, and more.

  • Explore lifecycle properties and drill down into details, in your browser-based dashboards.
  • Charts update automatically and in real-time as users make changes.
  • Add to any dashboard using the interactive chart selector.
Interactive Gannt Charts and Roadmaps in ABACUS 7 Dashboards
Collaborative Catalogs and Enhanced Chat features in ABACUS 7

Enhanced Chat & Email Collaboration

Start conversations easily within ABACUS Enterprise browser-editable lists and dashboards.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders by initiating a conversation directly from a dashboard.
  • Use Teams, Skype, or email to open a conversation with an application manager, process owner or other stakeholder.

Just the Right Detail for Analysis

Conditional filter block makes it easier to extract records from a data-set.

  • Additional Blocks & Operations for Algorithm Composer.
  • Target outliers and elements with specific properties.
  • Results window shows the data in use behind each block.
  • Additional meta-properties now available to algorithms.
  • Easily combine values and properties with support for string joins.
Conditional filter block no-code algorithm in ABACUS 7
“Say I want to show a decision-maker what applications are non-compliant. Rather than providing a more general dashboard that requires interaction to show this, I can make my report more targeted by tailoring it with a filter and showing only non-compliant applications.”
– Enterprise Architect, Fortune 500 Financial Services
Copy Pre-filtered Dashboards & Workflows to Colleagues in ABACUS 7

Pre-filtered Dashboards & Workflows

Save filters in dashboard URLs, then provide these pre-filtered dashboards to users.

  • Use these filtered dashboards to focus stakeholders on important data.
  • Send URLs by starting a conversation from the dashboard itself or by embedding a report in Teams etc.
  • Streamlined dashboard generation dramatically reduces load and render times.

Meaningful Ways to Search Your Data

Quickly search the entire repository via your browser.

  • Additional information is also available in properties windows.
  • Return results from across elements, groups and views within your architecture
Quickly search the entire repository via your browser with ABACUS 7
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ABACUS 7, built for every team

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