The Open Group: Digital Standards

26th April 2021

Open Digital Standards (Virtual Event)

April 26th – 28th 2021, Online

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Join Avolution at the upcoming Open Group Conference, Open Digital Standards. Being held virtually, the Open Digital Standards will look to provide guidance for business and technical operations, with topics on compliance and security.


Technology Transformation with TOGAF

Digital transformation aligns customer behaviors and technology to solve common problems across your organization. Done well, you can create a seamless customer interaction and maintainable operating process; turning your digital strategy into a successful business strategy. Done badly, customers become dissatisfied, internal comms break down, and what seemed like a solution has now become the problem.

It’s become clear over the past year that we aren’t always driving change but instead being driven by it. Previously organizations may have disrupted individual markets, but the pandemic has disrupted all markets and we should seek opportunities that lie in that disruption.

Join us and discover how using TOGAF can enhance your digital transformation strategy:

  • Why architects use transformation to solve problems – Strategy vs Execution
  • The 5 Key Steps for Digital Transformation in 2021 and Beyond