Roadmapping Cloud Migration and Architecture (APAC)

11th June 2020

11th June [11:00 SGT | 12:00 JST | 13:00 AEST]

Cloud Migration continues apace in 2020, and enterprise architects are at the helm of cloud transformation efforts. Cloud technologies are also becoming top contributors to IT complexity. Successful digital transformation will continue to go hand in hand with strong architecture planning of Cloud Applications and Services.

This Cloud Migration Tutorial will cover:

  • Essential elements for a Cloud Business Case
  • Roadmapping for Cloud Migration and Application Transformation
  • How to manage Services supported by a mix of Cloud and On-Premise technologies
  • Measuring and reducing IT complexity and technical debt
  • Managing IT Risks and Security in Cloud Architectures
  • Visualizing and reporting Cloud Architectures: Costs, Risks and Compliance

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