Automating Analytics and Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps

17th May 2022

8:30 PT | 16:30 BST

Hosted by The Open Group’s Toolkit Tuesday

The need of automation is accelerating at pace. Gartner predict that through 2024 enhancements in analytics and automatic capabilities will refocus 30% of IT efforts. But how can we apply this to our Enterprise Architecture and Digital Business Strategy?

During this episode we will explore best practices to automating your analysis, repository and roadmaps including use of popular frameworks such as TOGAF and ArchiMate.

Key topics will include:

  • How to Integrate EA with Digital Business Data & Company Strategy
  • Composable Enterprise Architecture
  • Automating your Repository
  • Customizable Databases (Graph)
  • No-Code Analytics & Algorithms
  • Machine Learning to speed up repetitive tasks & suggest solution options

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