Enterprise Architecture for Infrastructure, Utilities, Energy & Mining

52% stated smarter decisions and investments were made once they incorporated Enterprise Architecture”

– Study by Gartner

Constructing Digital Strategy 

Avolution has supported architects in the infrastructure sector for over 20 years. We work with:

  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport: Logistics, Railways, Bridges and Roads
  • Utilities: Water, Energy & Power, Waste Management
  • Mining and Construction

ABACUS is available for a range of deployment options, including cloud-based (SaaS), on-premise and hybrid.

Application transformation dashboard in ABACUS enterprise architecture

Managing Infrastructure Systems & Strategy

ABACUS offers a fully provisioned modeling environment for owners of civil infrastructure to oversee systems and infrastructure assets to improve sustainability and resilience.

Trusted by Leading Infrastructure Organizations Globally

Avolution has clients in over 100 countries. Below is a small selection of ABACUS users across the Infrastructure industry:

“Strong platform for building EA Repository, Modeling and Decision making”

Enterprise Architect and Technology Innovation – Energy and Utilities Industry

Rated highly by independent IT Professionals on Gartner Peer Insights 

Constructing the Enterprise Digital Twin

Success Story: Suncor Energy

Canadian energy company Suncor provide reliable, sustainable energy to millions. This case study shows how the Suncor team:

  • Understand and model their business value chain
  • Model people, process, data, and technology landscapes
  • Integrate personas and experience architecture
  • Application Rationalization and Cost Reduction (using ServiceNow data)

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ARUP Case Study

Enterprise Architecture for Smart Cities

Success Story: Arup

Arup use ABACUS to deliver complex infrastructure projects – airports, major sporting venues and world-class smart cities projects.

This includes managing interconnected systems on a multibillion dollar smart city project in Qatar and planning of a new baggage handling system for a major airport operator.

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“Avolution ABACUS has fulfilled our expectations. It has proven to be more than what we expected, which means that we have been able to really create value for our business”

– Enterprise Architect with Energy & Utilities (Gartner Peer Insights)

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