Strategy Executive

Guide strategic planning with data and metrics

The Digital Strategist ensures a company’s goals and change management plans move forward in tandem with the transformation of its technology core.

They advise executives and boards on transformation projects, working across business disciplines and in partnership with technology architects and other experts.

Being able to calculate costs and other metrics based on current data from across your organization is fundamental to a well-crafted and well executed business case. But being able to accurately calculate how future changes are likely to affect these metrics is truly empowering. ABACUS enables both.

The ABACUS software suite is used across a range of industry sectors including finance, consumer, government, education, transport, infrastructure and healthcare.

Import Data in ABACUS
Import existing company data quickly and easily from Excel, Visio, SharePoint etc.
Calculate Costs with ABACUS
Build financial models calculate Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Net Present Value (NPV), Return On Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Perform Stimulation
Run scenario analysis with metrics including Performance, Alignment, Cost and Availability
Enterprise Architecture Dashboards
Use bespoke dashboards and other visuals to report and make recommendations
 Use ABACUS to:
  • Implementing Strategic Planning frameworks: Business Motivational Model (BMM), Business Model Canvas, TOGAF, ArchiMate and Balanced Scorecard
  • Manage Service Strategy and Design, Options Analysis, Scenario Planning
  • ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.

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