Centralized Architecture and Planning for Global CIOs

Driving change with expert enterprise architecture

For CIOs who need to be armed with centralized, up-to-date business and IT data, ABACUS provides a robust, technically satisfying solution. It allows global teams to collaborate on a consistent repository, and provide a seamless service to end users. It provides an efficient way to manage complex interconnected systems: people, processes, technologies and applications.

Within the same user-friendly environment, CIOs can oversee legacy systems and undertake scenario analysis of technologies and business models. Use data-rich visuals to spot opportunities and risks, make informed decisions and guide their business towards its goals.

ABACUS is used across a wide variety of sectors including finance, consumer, government, education, transport, infrastructure and healthcare. Its robust, adaptable design makes it ideal to manage complex digital transformation projects which cut across traditional roles, departments and disciplines.

Import Data in ABACUS
Centralize existing company data quickly and easily from Excel, Visio, SharePoint.
Collaborate with ABACUS
Collaborate: Your global team can work on a consistent repository and model
Analyze data with ABACUS
Analyze: Run algorithms to measure Cost, Risk, ROI and other KPIs
Roadmap in ABACUS
Roadmap: Map out and test future IT and company structures
Build your Inventory with ABACUS
Transform: Steer your business towards its goals


  • Continual visibility of real-time enterprise data for scenario analysis and risk mitigation.
  • Access data to cut technical debt, manage regulatory audits, rationalize applications and processes, etc.
  • ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.


Data Visualization

A comprehensive overview of communicating about complex systems, processes and infrastructure. Select the best Charts, Diagrams Data Visualizations, and Dashboards to deliver business insights.

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