Application Architect

Map and streamline application lifecycle management

Supporting business-focused Application Portfolio Management (APM) and IT transformation. ABACUS is used by global enterprises to understand application portfolio budgeting and cost attribution and streamline application rationalization projects.

  • Tackle complex and expanding portfolios of applications — as well as legacy applications — and accelerating deployment cycles.
  • Capture, analyze and visualize the complete business and technology architecture of your organization. Provide APM which supports customer-focused digital transformation.
  • Map IT and business infrastructures simultaneously to gain a broader understanding of each application. Quickly identify redundancies and trends needed to make decisions.
  • Link policies, principles and standards to applications, to gain visibility of compliance from across multiple portfolios.
  • Use a variety of charts and dashboards to surface information for stakeholders.


ABACUS Application Architect
Import Data in ABACUS
Import existing company data quickly and easily from Excel, Visio and SharePoint
Build your Inventory with ABACUS
Build an inventory - understand what applications exist and their characteristics
Calculate Costs with ABACUS
Apply analytics; calculate and attribute costs. Assess how to reduce costs and remove duplication
Understand Business Value with ABACUS
Understand business value of each application and align the portfolio with your company's business strategy
Report with Rich DataViz in ABACUS
Present your results to stakeholders using rich visuals including Gantt charts, diagrams and dashboards
Use ABACUS to:
  • Map assets using your choice of framework (incl. TOGAF 9.2, UML, SysML, eTOM, APQC). Explore cost reduction and other cost-related scenarios
  • Communicate project designs to management and technical staff via models, charts, 2D diagrams, and BI-style visualizations
  • ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.


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