A tool to manage cyber security and risk

Expert Risk Managers and Chief Information Security Officers (CSOs/CISOs) provide the first line of defence, building the security and risk infrastructure needed for cyber vigilance and to drive enterprise success.

When assessing and deploying this infrastructure, managers need guidance from detailed analytics and scenario analysis data. Metrics-based data available from ABACUS can become a powerful part of your armory for predictive and preventative risk management. Design resilient systems, spot weaknesses and make informed recommendations.

Using bespoke risk- and cybersecurity dashboards available out-of-the box, managers can see at a glance whether planned changes expose the enterprise to additional risks or affect service continuity.

This unique traceability is due to the centralized and connected nature of the ABACUS repository which uses graph database technology. Managers can also take advantage of the advanced analytics and algorithms available in the tool.



Import existing company data quickly and easily from Excel, Visio, SharePoint


 Model systems, technology and infrastructure and related business processes and groups 


Use scenario analysis and stress testing to identify weaknesses, assess alternatives and design a robust enterprise


Govern using pre-configured


 Use ABACUS to:

Provide the first line of defence for cyber vigilance. Drive enterprise success
Design resilient systems, spot weaknesses and make informed recommendations
ABACUS also offers truly cloud-based enterprise modeling and the ability to future-proof enterprise models via a flexible graph-database back-end.

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