Plan and optimize IT and business portfolios

ABACUS provides practitioners with ready-to-go tools and techniques for measuring and prioritising investments across a range of business and IT assets. It offers a range of powerful analytics and visualizations to tackle legacy rationalization and application porfolio management.

Complex, interconnected organizations require a tool capable of capturing detail beyond standard spreadsheets or Visio views. By tapping into the rich structural model of an enterprise portfolio which can be assembled in ABACUS, practitioners can:

arrow_iconProvide clear recommendations about costs, alignment and life cycles of assets and plan future investments


Select and tailor a metamodel appropriate to their business, working from one of over 100 industry standard frameworks and notations available in ABACUS. This approach means that catalogues and diagrams are a true and accurate representations of company data

arrow_iconWork with a completely flexible XML-based repository in which any type of entity can be modeled explicitly

arrow_iconCapture the way components relate and connect in an enterprise accurately, because of the tool’s enterprise graph back-end

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