Digital twins offer strong potential to achieve better insights on their objects and drive better decisions.

- Gartner

Use a digital twin to transform your enterprise

How do you manage and transform a structure of multiple interconnected business ecosystems, in real-time, whilst maintaining smooth operations?

ABACUS provides the data-integration and modeling platform which allows your team to create a dynamic software model of your organisation – a “digital twin” to do this.  Use your data and virtual models to trace the links between technologies, applications and infrastructure. Plus, essential detail of how people and processes mesh with these in a complex, evolving system.

Adapt to challenges and changes by testing out a range of scenarios. Use performance indicators and predictive analytics available in ABACUS to guide you in selecting the best strategy for execution.

Use ABACUS as a data management and insight platform to:

  • arrow_iconModel and analyze business operations, drawing a line of sight between capabilities and other resources, and day-to-day operations
  • arrow_iconMap customer interactions and journeys.  Gain visibility into the technology and infrastructure supporting sales, distribution, services and information provision
  • arrow_icon

    Manage business performance: access project and program data to monitor progress, align with business outcomes and deliver value

  • arrow_icon

    Use predictive analytics and algorithms to assess a range of scenarios. Quantify Risk, Security, Performance, Reliability, Resource Utilization, Response Time, plus financial metrics including TCO and ROI

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