Avolution's ABACUS improves the quality of decision-making by ensuring applications, infrastructure and information align with your business goals. We also provide a straightforward way to manage processes and standards. Deliver insights and value quickly using industry-leading modeling, analytics and algorithms. Report using visuals and dashboards tailored for the following functions:



Enterprise Architecture

EA details an organisation’s structure, and plays a crucial role in mapping
business future vision to effective enterprise change.. Find out more


 Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is the process by which new capabilities are delivered
to a business through the application of technology.
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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the most popular methods for
retaining business viability in a competitive market
.Find out more


Enterprise Portfolio Mgt

EPM is one of the essential building blocks of governance, bridging Enterprise
Architecture with operational functions.
 Find out more


Requirements Management

Requirements Management is the process of documenting, tracing, analyzing
and agreeing on the requirements of a business.
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Service Managment

IT Service Management (ITSM) addresses the need to model, measure, and
manage critical IT resources.
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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning aligns the requirements and needs of IT with business, finance and HR, ensure achievement of organization goals.. Find out more 


 Governance, Risk & Compliance

GRC management can ensure that an organization understands and controls
its current and future needs, and complies with mandates applicable to its
 Find out more


 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides historical and current views of business
operations, enabling predictive views of future performance through analysis
of data.
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Enterprise Architect

EAs provide advice on digital infrastructure and digital transformation, guiding the business towards its goals.. Find out more



For CIOs who need to be armed with centralized, up-to-date business and IT data ABACUS provides a robust, technically satisfying solution.. Find out more


Strategy Executive

Strategy executives ensure a company's goals and change management plans move forward in tandem with the transformation of its technology core.. Find out more


Project / IT Portfolio Manager

As a tool which captures both IT and business data, ABACUS provides a ready-to-go solution for Portfolio and Project Managment.. Find out more


Risk Manager

When assessing and deploying infrastructure, managers need guidence from detailed analytics and scenario analysis data. ABACUS can become a powerful part of your armory for predictive and preventative Risk Management.. Find out more


Business Architect

ABACUS supports BPM throughout its entire lifecycle, helping you to identify, analyze, engineer, measure, review and maintain business processes.. Find out more


Information Architect

Expert Information Architects provide organizations with the ability to use information as an asset which contributes to profitabilty, sustainability and success.. Find out more 


Application Architect

APM practitioners need strategies to tackle expandingly complex portfolios of applications. ABACUS allows your organization to provide business-focused APM.. Find out more


Solution Architect

Solution Architects use ABACUS to select technology which improves the reliability, speed and scalability of projects.. Find out more

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