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Tackling Technical Debt, A Guide for Enterprise Architects (Webinar)

Walk through how to use the latest analytics and visualizations to tackle technical debt, including mapping cost, technical debt ratios, technical metrics, complexity, security, dependencies and business risk. We will find data-driven answers to key questions such as; “What is technical debt costing us in monetary terms?” and “What is the impact of Technical Debt on our team and how do we measure this?” Then we will build a roadmap which manages trade-offs between financial, time and technical constraints.


Six Steps for Tackling Cybersecurity Risk and Threats (Webinar)

Join the enterprise architecture team at security specialists, Sophos, to learn how they address risks and threats, and identify strategies to work with the business to ensure cybersecurity best-practice, including: application catalogs and security risk scoring; mitigation strategies for exposure and risk; identifying cost-savings, scenario planning for future requirements; visualizations for communicating roadmaps.

Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Business Process Management (Webinar)

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management are techniques for capturing key business processes and planning business and IT strategy. How can we ensure we benefit from both? Join this webinar for a practical guide to aligning EA and BPM. Focus will be given on how BPM can be started, maintained and optimized while allowing you to see the value of connected architectures.

From Scratch to Self Service Architecture Almost – Digital EA Summit

The EA team at First Interstate Bank has taken an unscripted, throw it at the wall and see what sticks, approach to building an EA practice. They have used multiple frameworks and the “common language” of applications to drive business engagement. The team is developing a “self-service architecture” approach that supplies an open repository and encourages exploration through ABACUS Enterprise. The self-service architecture approach is helping to accelerate projects, present roadmaps for planning, and supply a common language for communication.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping in 2020 (Webinar)

What are the top enterprise architecture and IT trends that will guide 2020? How can you make the most of new techniques to make architecture easier and more collaborative? Join hosts Tim O’Neill and Andrew Lewthwaite in a comprehensive overview of ABACUS 7. Discover the latest features, including interactive Gantt charts to quickly visualize roadmaps and Graph View capabilities to explore relationships within your enterprise.

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